BREAKING NEWS–Virginia to Decriminalize Marijuana

Lawmakers in Virginia are looking to decriminalize marijuana! Republican Delegate Harvey B. Morgan, a pharmacist, has 31 years in the House and is the second-most senior delegate. He says he thinks criminalizing pot has done nothing to curb its use and is introducing House Bill 1134 that would change simple possession from possible jail time to a civil fine of $500. The bill also looks to increase the amount of weed needed to be considered for the charge of possession with the intent to distribute and remove the mandatory two and five-year sentences for distribution.

But he hasn’t stopped there. Morgan (R-98th D) is also submitting House Bill 1136 which would expand Virginia’s medical marijuana laws to allow marijuana to be prescribed for more diseases. Currently it’s allowed for cancer and glaucoma. Morgan said because the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved medical marijuana, it’s tough to actually obtain it. The law would ensure patients and doctors couldn’t be prosecuted for the medicating with cannabis.

“Doctors, who are accustomed to weighing the risks and benefits of drugs, should be able to prescribe marijuana in instances in which research has shown it could be medically effective,” said Morgan in a recent press conference.

He also mention that a  possession conviction can and has destroyed many lives, even convictions that are decades old. And, he listed jobs from which someone with a drug record is permanently barred in Virginia — teacher, pawnbroker, taxi driver, etc. And, he said the state could save millions during the budget crisis by relieving the jails of those incarcerated for marijuana possession. Making marijuana possession a noncriminal offense, he said, could save the state $75 million a year.

12 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS–Virginia to Decriminalize Marijuana”

  1. Gregg Koep

    Fantastic. If only all our legislators could be as logical and sane. It just makes sense, and $75 million a year is a lot of money that is better spent elsewhere.

  2. denbee

    It is refreshing to realize that reason and compassion has entered the cannabis debate. Long time coming. I am 60 years old and I have used cannabis for over forty years, my life could not be better. I suspect that there are many people who simply don’t care if you decriminalize it, regulate it, zone it, standardize it, tax it, medicinalize it… we will still use cannabis and we will be making our purchase choice using the path of least resistence. It is laugh to witness the entrenched powers scrambling to keep up with demand for changes in the cannabis laws. Pile a bunch of needless regulations on any decriminalization law and most of us will still be criminals, such is life. Make it easier and cheaper to buy from legal sources rather than the street dealer or else most people will simply grow their own or continue buying from the local drug dealer. Common sense.

  3. Bearer of Bad News

    UNFORTUNATELY it was shot down immediately because Virginia is THE most conservative state EVER. However, I do enjoy the fact that the state is coming to its senses little by little

  4. Laurence Crocker

    My foster son, native to California, and used to ‘Law-enforcement’ “turning-the-other-cheek’ to minor (less than 1 oz) of possesion, has been charged in Va. as a felon. (oops he was smoking in his ‘dorm’ room—-ON SCHOOL GROUNDS–A FELONY..PER, VA. lAW.
    My advise to him was to spred the word (Va.U’s)intolerance and find other, more tolerant institutions of learning.
    Perhaps then multiple $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, will give them second thoughts, as a mass emmigation leaves their school without funds. (“) BANKRUPT!!

    I have advised my foster-son to return to Calif. The Attorney-Grneral, here has stated he will not honor extradition laws based om ‘archaic’ drug laws.

  5. methodikalrecords

    sign our petition please yall decriminalize marijuana why are we letting potential criminals control a substance that we say is potentiallly harmful

  6. timbob

    It realy bothers me to believe that the government of virginia see’s themselves as conservative. I just cant fathom all these politicians going to church on sunday, believing that everything god provides for them is good. Then go to work on monday shoot down a bill to decriminalize marijuana (which is a naturaly growing wild plant, NOT a drug) which the lord provided. Then go to lunch and screw their secretary (oops, I mean administrative assistant), go back to work, lie to their constituants. Then comes five o’clock, go home to their families and tell them how much they love them, and pray before they go to bed. Then say they are conservative.

  7. larry russell

    help va bec we are losing alot of kids and mothers to the jail,brothers and uncle repeat it over and over ,and it dont harm us ,but cocain and ciggarettes they sell to us,wal mart wont hired you if you pass a piss test but still have a weed charge on ur record,

  8. David White

    Best way to legalize, start drug testing the politicians!!!

    It’s ridiculous that the people flipping hamburgers are drug tested, yet those who are in positions of “power” aren’t required to do the same.

    It’s ridiculous that selling Tobacco laced with Arsenic is FINE!?!?, yet smoking pot is illegal!

  9. AJane

    Weed was here before time and it will be here after. The government just needs to leave it alone and leave the pot heads alone because all they do is sit in the underwear and leave people alone. They need to focus on the harmful drugs and alcohol because all the kills people. It kills their liver and lungs.

  10. Claire

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  11. A. Nonny Mouse

    It’s high time (pun intended) that recreational marijuana is legalized nationwide. Did they learn nothing from the colossal failure of prohibition? Are they still going on the ridiculous assumption that Uncle Sam somehow knows what’s good for us? (Implying that we are all too stupid to decide for ourselves!) Well, if nothing else, they should at least realize that folks still continue to smoke, regardless of what any archaic law states, just as folks continue to read what they choose to read, think what they choose to think, and believe what they choose to believe. It is what it is.

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