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Cherry-Pie-Marijuana-StrainWe think marijuana should be reviewed by the people who enjoy it the most…STONERS! That’s why we’re paying eryday STONERS just like YOU…to smoke some WEED and write about it.

REVIEW BY: @CarolineCentral
Strain Name: Cherry Pie
Rating: This stuff was pretty high up there man, I give it 8.5 out of 10 puffs.
From: River City Wellness Collective 2 in Cameron Park, CA
Type: Indica dominant hybrid

Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain from River City Wellness Collective Genetics: A wonderfully delicious cross between 2 well-known favorites, Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. Cherry Pie has also been known to be crossed with Durban Poison.
Price: $45-$50 an 1/8th
Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain from River City Wellness Collective Appearance: These are some very tight, dense buds. A redhead (lots of little orange hairs) with just the slightest hint of purple, and golden when you break her open. Topped with lots of crystals, this is a very pretty bud.
Smell: This stuff smells a little sweet with a lot of sour and a very strong purple scent. Forget real cherry pie, this stuff smelled so good I just wanted to eat it up.
Flavor: A lot like it smells, this bud tastes just a little sweet and very sour. It has a very strong taste and can sometimes be just a wee bit harsh, but overall it goes down very smooth.
break open the Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain from River City Wellness Collective High: A very strong indica high with this one, it relaxes the body and muscles leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, and without a care in the world. I really enjoyed this high because it has those wonderful indica properties to relax you, but it’s also got that OG Kush in it so you don’t become a drone and can be very productive. It’s a very cheerful, upbeat, and kind of goofy high. I found myself frequently breaking out into song to sing Cherry Pie by Warrant.
Length of High:
This high kicks in within minutes and lasts a pretty long time, man. You’ll be feeling it for a couple hours or so with a strong case of the munchies.
Medical Uses: Since it’s got some really strong Indica properties from it’s GDP background, this strain does wonders for relaxing the body and relieving pain. I also found it helps with nausea, increases appetite significantly (heavy duty munchies), and also relieves anxiety.

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    got some cherry pie on the way hope its worth it, and im paying 60 for an 8th… in jersey.. fair??

  • I_Poke_Lotsa_Smot

    Dammmmnnn those munchies just kicked in and I have no food

  • Vera Serenity

    how can i get in on the pot testing???

  • Seth Forbis

     it tastes sour and sweet? that’s all? you pay these people to review a strain but apparently you hired complete morons who write descriptions so vague they could apply to any strain on the planet…this is not a review, it’s a bad joke, and frankly, who cares about a review written on dirty street grade pot?! that stuff looks like garbage and i would never smoke it, yet she calls it pretty? yep, a total moron…

  • Sh’e Buttah Boss Lady

    Fail. Go get some Damn food before you eat a couch cushion… I smoke cherry pie all the time. It is a very amazing strain. Paying 60 for an eighth sounds about right especially in NJ. It’s a very relaxing strain, definitely great for pain, sleep, & anxiety. It is a very tight bud that also grows very large and fluffy if grown the right way.