Cherry Pie Strain Review

Cherry Pie Strain Review

Cherry Pie Strain Review

REVIEW BY: @CarolineCentral
Strain Name: Cherry Pie
Rating: The Cherry Pie strain was pretty high up there man, I give this marijuana 8.5 out of 10 puffs.
From: River City Wellness Collective 2 in Cameron Park, CA
Type: Indica dominant hybrid

Cherry Pie Strain ReviewGenetics: The Cherry Pie strain is a wonderfully delicious cross between 2 well-known favorites, Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. Cherry Pie has also been known to be crossed with Durban Poison.
Price: $45-$50 an 1/8th
Cherry Pie Strain ReviewAppearance: These are some very tight, dense buds. Cherry Pie is a redhead (lots of little orange hairs) with just the slightest hint of purple, and golden when you break her open. Topped with lots of crystals, this is a very pretty bud.
Smell: The Cherry Pie strain smells a little sweet with a lot of sour and a very strong purple scent. Forget real cherry pie, this stuff smelled so good I just wanted to eat it up.
Flavor: A lot like it smells, this bud tastes just a little sweet and very sour. It has a very strong taste and can sometimes be just a wee bit harsh, but overall it goes down very smooth.
Cherry Pie Strain ReviewHigh: A very strong indica high with this one, it relaxes the body and muscles leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, and without a care in the world. I really enjoyed this high because it has those wonderful indica properties to relax you, but it’s also got that OG Kush in it so you don’t become a drone and can be very productive. It’s a very cheerful, upbeat, and kind of goofy high. I found myself frequently breaking out into song to sing Cherry Pie by Warrant.
Length of High:
This high kicks in within minutes and lasts a pretty long time, man. You’ll be feeling it for a couple hours or so with a strong case of the munchies.
Medical Uses: Since Cherry Pie got some really strong Indica properties from it’s GDP background, this strain does wonders for relaxing the body and relieving pain. I also found it helps with nausea, increases appetite significantly (heavy duty munchies), and also relieves anxiety.

6 Responses to “Cherry Pie Strain Review”


    got some cherry pie on the way hope its worth it, and im paying 60 for an 8th… in jersey.. fair??

  2. I_Poke_Lotsa_Smot

    Dammmmnnn those munchies just kicked in and I have no food

  3. Vera Serenity

    how can i get in on the pot testing???

  4. Seth Forbis

     it tastes sour and sweet? that’s all? you pay these people to review a strain but apparently you hired complete morons who write descriptions so vague they could apply to any strain on the planet…this is not a review, it’s a bad joke, and frankly, who cares about a review written on dirty street grade pot?! that stuff looks like garbage and i would never smoke it, yet she calls it pretty? yep, a total moron…

  5. Sh'e Buttah Boss Lady

    Fail. Go get some Damn food before you eat a couch cushion… I smoke cherry pie all the time. It is a very amazing strain. Paying 60 for an eighth sounds about right especially in NJ. It’s a very relaxing strain, definitely great for pain, sleep, & anxiety. It is a very tight bud that also grows very large and fluffy if grown the right way.

  6. Anonymous

    100 an oz here in oregon

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