Double Blue Dream Weed Review

Double Blue Dream Review

Double Blue Dream Review

REVIEW BY: @asilv13
Name: Double Blue Dream
From: Green Wings Ltd. Collective
Price: $60 1/8th $110 1/4
Genetics: Blueberry x Haze Unknown of other
Double Blue Dream ReviewAppearance: 9.5/10- I ordered from this delivery service for the first time,  not really knowing what to expect. After some miscommunication on the phone with the receptionist, I finally got verified and was able to place my order. After about an hour to a hour half  later the delivery guy arrived. He brought a few extra eight’s with him for me to check out, which was a plus because I was picking names from a website and couldn’t see the buds before hand. After carefully going through my selection of about six different eight’s the two that stood out the most was the Double Blue Dream and the Sweet Tooth. Also coped some Jack Herer hash oil, Chem 4 Ear Wax and some Goldmist Breath Spray. I give them a 10/10 for selection. The 1/8 of Double Blue Dream came in three very well sized, Dense buds that were covered in trichomes, and thick little orange hairs. very nice texture, easy to break down with your fingers. The buds almost had a blue like tint to them which surly added on to its beauty, and made me want to smoke it even more.

Double Blue Dream ReviewSmell: 9.0/10- Very sweet, hazy smell with a hint of blueberry, the haze defiantly took over in the smell category,
Taste: 9/10- I decided to smoke this for the first time in a joint. I broke down about a gram or so with my fingers leaving them covered in trichomes. For my paper choice I used a Wiz Khalifa rolling paper which is 100% pure hemp leaving me with a full taste of the buds and not the paper. From the first pull I was anchored to my couch just watching Billy Madison like it was the first time.
Double Blue Dream ReviewHigh: 9/10- After smoking the joint it certainly woke my mind up, had me feeling real good and excited for the day ahead.  Energizing, really feel it in the head with some minor body effects making it an almost balanced feeling throughout the body, for an enjoyable high.
Medical Uses: I recommend this bud for anybody with depression, anxiety and loss of appetite. It really had me feeling good and balanced.

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