Oracle Titanium Oil Vaporizer Review

Oracle Titanium Oil Vaporizer ReviewWhen you put something that’s glowing red hot a couple inches away from your face, you want to be sure that thing’s stable,” says marijuana cultivation author and expert Dru West and the creator of the Oracle—what he calls the World’s Premier Titanium Oil Vaporizer. The clever device available from West’s new company, Dabwiser, still gets flesh-melting hot, but at least it’s guaranteed not to explode.

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“Glass and quartz break very easily which can be extremely dangerous,” says West. “I’ve seen dozens of burn holes in couches, carpets and in the worst cases people’s clothing and skin—basically you don’t want to be anywhere nearby when those things blow up.”

We know what you’re thinking, the Oracle is not a vaporizer—it’s a domeless nail. well, the term “domeless nail” doesn’t actually describe anything, West says. “Only veteran dabbers understand why they are even called this—the device looks nothing like a nail and the term “domeless” is an impossible to relate description, as domes and nails are in no way related to each other.” That’s why Dru believes it’s time to change the name. Whether or not it’s time to change the name we can’t say, but we can say that it’s time you change your game if you’re dabbing with inferior tools.

Oracle Titanium Oil Vaporizer ReviewThe Oracle vaporizer is made from Commercial Grade 2 Titanium (99.2% or higher) in Bend, Oregon. Not only will it not blow up in your face it won’t fill your face with noxious gas when it’s heated. And its innovative medicine dropper style “Carb-cap Dabber” can be used to improve the flavor of your meds. It works like this; dab your concentrate onto the heated pan then drop the dabber-rod into the center hole of the Oracle. The cap will form a seal around the heated pan where the product’s proprietary ventilation system allows air to continue to pass through the cap, preventing any of the precious vapor from being wasted while also cooling the vapor. The result? Very smooth and flavorful dabs.

Oracle Titanium Oil Vaporizer ReviewThe Dabwiser “Oracle” features an easily removable/replaceable pan. It heated quickly and evenly. But the continuous heating and cooling of the pan will eventually cause it to oxidize and lose its ability to retain heat as well as it once did, West tell us. This in turn reduces it’s function ultimately resulting in wasted oil. “Once this happens to one of our pans, you simply unscrew it and replace it for $20, says West, now you have a brand new functioning piece again without having to buy a whole new unit.”

The Oracle is designed to accept both 14mm and 18mm male fittings, with a 10mm version available soon. It fit our little Diamond Glass rig perfectly (we did have to heat it to get it off our piece). If your rig requires the opposite male configuration, Dabwiser offers an inexpensive 14mm male-to-male glass adapter. |

Dabwiser will be releasing a flat-coil e-nail adapter that can be installed and removed quickly and easily using the removable pan as well as a number of accessories and upgrades for the Oracle, West promises. Oracle Titanium Oil Vaporizer Review


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