How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System FastHow To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast

Looking for help on how to get weed out of your system fast? That means you’re seeking info on how to pass a drug test, right? That’s the whole point of this post—to teach you how to pass a drug test fast. That is understanding how long marijuana will stay in your system after you smoke it.

PRO TIP 1: Buy a home drug test kit from Amazon to test yourself. That way you’ll know if you’re chose marijuana detox method is working.

PRO TIP 2: Don’t worrying about a getting weed our of your system. Use synthetic urine. As long as you get the temperature correct you’ll pass your test. We suggest Sub-Solution fake pee.

How long does weed stay in your system? That depends on a lot of variables including how often you smoke pot. The amount of time weed stays in your system also has a lot to do with your metabolism, weight, health and the potency of the pot you smoked. Nobody can really say how long you’ll test positive for pot after smoking. That’s because the rate that THC is metabolized varies for everyone. There are, however, some common guidelines. WebM reports that the amount of time weed stays in your system is anywhere from one week to one month. And that depends on how often you smoke.

Most importantly, however, to beating a drug test is understanding that the active ingredient in weed, THC, is fat soluble. THC is stored in your fat cells. Getting it out of your system isn’t hard to do. It just takes time. Looking for information on how to pass a drug test in 24 hours, don’t worry we’ll get to that near the end. But if you’ve got some time on your hands before passing a drug test and want to learn how to get weed out of your system there are some methods that’ll help.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System FastPass a Drug Test With Water

Want to learn how to pass a urine drug test? Begin by increasing your fluid intake. Water won’t flush THC from your fatty cells but it can help dilute the amount of THC residue in your urine sample. Water is untraceable in a urine test so don’t worry about a think. Starting drinking about sixty-four ounces of water a day and do this about two days before you take  a urine test. Add some cranberry juice to boost flavor and detoxification power. Don’t chug, take slow sips. Don’t overdo it—you’re only looking to pass a drug test, specifically a urine drug test, not kill yourself. Plus too much water in your urine can also get you called back for another drug test. Nobody wants and encore urine test.

Pass a Drug Test With Greens

Start eating a lot more vegetable, dude. Skip the fatty foods. Grab yourself a carrot and some broccoli. In-and-Out Burger isn’t there to help you get to passing a drug test, son. Hamburgers and fries are high in fat and they’ll slow your digestive system making it less effective—slowing down your body’s detoxification process and it’s ability to burn that THC.

how to get weed out of your systemPass a Drug Test With Herbs

Taking herbal supplements designed specifically to enhance detoxification is a good idea. They’ll help get all that built-up weed out of your system. Look for Psyllium seeds, Milk Thistle or Cayenne. Green and herbal teas are also excellent detoxifiers.

Herbals supplements support the liver in detoxifying the body and aid elimination. Sure supplements are great for your health and improving your health can boost the detox process—they probably won’t help speed up the time it will take for your body to burn the THC stored in your system. So if you really want to know how to get weed out of your system fast—you’ll have to get up off your ass and move.

Pass a Drug Test With Synthetic Urine

You might think synthetic urine, fake urine, fake piss, fake pee is gross but there are actual uses for this stuff. Think about it—actually pee is what’s gross. Fake pee, not as much. Because it’s toxin free. It’s also what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment. Does synthetic urine work for drug tests? Yep. Synthetic urine works perfectly to pass a ua test. Worried about your fake urine being detected as synthetic? Won’t happen if you purchase a quality product like Sub-Solution. It’s undetectable and completely toxin-free and by far the best fake pee we’ve come across. What makes it a superior synthetic urine is that you can use the included chemical heating powder to warm it up. It just takes a matter of seconds. Plus it comes with a 200% money back guarantee. Check out our page on using fake pee do get an idea of what to expect at a ua test, tips on smuggling fake piss and our best synthetic urine reviews.

how to get marijuana out of your system
How to get marijuana out of your system? In a word—exercise.

Work the Weed Out

How to get weed out of your system fast? Exercise, man. Since THC is stored in fat cells burning fat by doing shit like jogging, biking, swimming, etc will raise your metabolism. That in turn will raise your body’s ability to process and release THC. Exercise will also boost your water intake helping purify your system even more.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours

Let’s cut to the chase. Need to know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours? Sorry to tell ya that if you’re searching for ways on how to pass a drug test in 24 hours it may be too late. If you have a urine drug test in 24 hours your best bet might be to try a detox drink 3 to 4 hours before your drug test. You can also chug water and cranberry juice to dilute your urine. You can also give synthetic urine a try if you’re looking to pass a drug test fast or find friend who doesn’t smoke weed and ask them to give you some their pee.

Anyhow we hope this posts helps you guys understand how to get marijuana out of your system so you can pass your marijuana drug test with flying colors. Oh and here’s some info on how to pass a mouth swab drug test aka a saliva test in case you need it. Good luck and let us know your ideas on how to pass a drug test in the comments below.

Have any tips on how to get weed out your system? Let us know in the comments section below…

33 Responses to “How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast”

  1. Anonymous

    I heard something about Apple vinegar and drinking some everyday helps flush your system any truth behind that

  2. Kristy

    I have 2 wks to clean up to pass drug test blood and urine. HELP !!! How do I do this ?

  3. E

    15 to 20 days to clean out system. For people on probation that can help smoke a joint …..Works for me everytime im 6 ft weight 230 pounds . I exercise everyday at least an hour on a treadmill.with a sweat suit ….at walmart 10 bucks affordable….. i also take a preworkout suppliment n.o.explode has 100 percent niacin key to sweatin toxins out and a hole lot of vitamins 30 bucks any vitamin shop ….helps sweat harder. Drink plenty of water i at least drink 5 to 10 cups of water a day… also helps to dring cold pressed cranberry. No concentrates best bet lakewood sold at smiths nasty shit but does the job 6 bucks ..the night before drug test stop drinking water empty out the fluids in you system till you cant piss drink a shot of distiled vinager and go to sleep on it ….the morning try to piss ….the morning of your test 2 hours at least drink a cup if not a cup n a half of distiled vinager….. I mix it with sprite kills the taste of vinager. Gives it more of a lemon flavor. And thats all i drink. So that way when you piss its nothing but vinager. In my sample. … Its worked for me everytime being on probation if questioned u work out. Take suppliments and eat healthy a salad with vinager and a sub with vinger they cant stop you eating healthy n working out …..I cant stop smoking. So i had to find an alternative…. Probably not the best way but never failed me. Once

  4. d

    Can it be cleaned any faster

  5. Jojo

    I have to take a drug test for court on Nov. 3rd I quit smoking on October the 7th but I’m a heavy smoker Im 5″11 and wiegh around 140 pounds I am freaking out cause I def. Don’t want to go back to jail!!! So my ? Is hopefully it will be out my system but the house I live in has ppl who smoke weed everyday around me and I was wondering if it can get in my system by me being in the sane room with them while they smoke even though im not smoking it??? And also I haven’t been eating like I should I’ll go 1-2 days and not eat a bite so will that affect the test should I eat more? Will me not eating release THC into my system ? I don’t have the option of using fake piss as I’m sure they will go in with me while I pee I was reading on here about drinking water and I plan on drinking the hell out of it two-three days prior to the test but I’m worried to death over all this other shit I read online that it can take up to 100 days to leave your system I dont do other drugs and don’t consider weed A drug but these stupid ass ppl round here do so plz any advice will be greatly appreciated

  6. JB

    Hey Jojo! I used game piss the whole time I was on papers. They have a fake cock that you strap on and per comes out of it. Drink lemon water everyday with 2 caps of Apple cider vinegar. There’s also a game piss pack you can tape to under your package and it’s had a small clip that you can easily press while holding your junk to pee. It’s like an IV. Click it and per starts flowing, click it again to close it and the per stood. Hope this helps.

  7. JB

    Hey Jojo! I used FAke piss the whole time I was on papers. They have a fake cock that you strap on and pee comes out of it. Drink lemon water everyday with 2 caps of Apple cider vinegar. There’s also a FAKE piss pack you can tape to under your package and it’s had a small clip that you can easily press while holding your junk to pee. It’s like an IV. Click it and pee starts flowing, click it again to close it and the pee stops. I was scared as shit, but never got caught. Hope this helps.

  8. Amber

    I’m on probation for 6 months starting October 12 th and thts the last time I smoked weed and I go back November 17 th…. Will I pass the drug test by then??? If not any tips in how to pass it…thanks for the advice…

  9. Tristan Adams

    I might have a drug test for an interview in the next month I’m 18 I’m about 5’11 195 and over the past weekend I’ve smoked about 20grams and basically I smoke everyday am I fucked or what and oh yea I had about 7 weed brownies WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?

  10. Nae

    I’ve auctually drank a whole bottle of vinegar one day before a drug test, and the UA was clean. But I do not know if it was the vinegar?

  11. PreZicionSnipe

    Hey so my parents do surprise at home drug test and I was told that if you drink a cap full of pickle juice daily it gets it out of your system and if somebody ask you just like pickles anything you would spacificly recommend I used to smoke weekly around gage or quarter gram not much how long would it take to get it out of my system drinking water and cranberry juice and eating relatively healthy?

  12. PreZicionSnipe

    Gage is hafe sry about autocorrect

  13. Bfrid

    Pickle juice helps out alot

  14. M

    Just found out I have a piss test next Tuesday for probation i weigh about 105 i havent smoked in about 3 days how can I get my system clean for sure so I don’t go to jail someone please help

  15. Anonymous

    Uggg i have to piss for my doc and have to have traces of other stuff in my system but i smoke weed … and if i use my own piss he will cut my meds off if i test positive for weed… andnwill cut me off if there no traces of the other stuff what do i do

  16. Baby girl

    Hi, I haven’t smoked in about 5 days. I have a urine test tomorrow at 1 pm. I weigh 125 and I am 5 “3 . What is the cheapest and easiest way to get it out if my system? I also need to say I am pregnant so I also need a safe way. Any suggestions?

  17. Bob

    ATTENTION I don’t think that they said this in the article but do not excercise around 24 hours or less before your test. The exercise may advance the metabolism process but it also releases all of that THC into your urine… which will definitely show up on the test.

  18. Baby girl

    Thanks that was helpful bob

  19. NIC

    I have a drug test on the 12th today’s the 10th. I know I’m dirty and this is a drug test for probation. Any thoughts or comments on what to do? I read to drink 64 ounces of water each day, two days before my test. Any suggestions will help. Thanks!

  20. Naomi

    A friend of mine has used 3 different cleanse systems in 2 weeks. Drinks rapid flush in the morning and takes an at home test every day and can’t pass…. he hasn’t smoked since dec 31….. why can’t he pass his test? He has to test tomoro morning for probation and is scared to death he won’t pass. So my question is,…. y is nothing working for him? Please help!😀

  21. Ashley Chandler

    Alright Guyz the ONLY thing u need to incorporate into ur everyday lives is adding one 100mg simple vitamin. That’s it no jokes,no punch line,no jail time, only HigH timeZ. Everyday that u consume pot is a day u wanna remember to take ur vitamin. This vitamin comes in 2 different release options. There’s the flush-free Niacin & then there’s regular niacin. The difference between the two is the flush free doesn’t cause ur skin to Redding from the effects taking place below ur derm level. They both work they & both do the same job except with the regular kind u see & feel it in action as it feels like a really bad sunburn upon ur skin for about 5 minutes if that. The kind that is labeled flush Free won’t cause ur skin to be visibly flushed although it’s working just regular. Reason I prefer the regular niacin due to the fact I see it working & I feel It working I just have to bare that hot flushed feeling of the skin for few minutes. Trust me its not intorable I prefer it bc instant gratification is a welcomed feeling compared to the extended stay offered at the county jail. Okay here’s the best part u can but these vitamins anywhere. Wal-Mart has a bottle of 80-100 count for only $1.97. Yes u read that right for less than 2 bucks u can smoke what have u & as long as ur taking these vitamins along with our main vitamin (weed) you’ll pass drug screens out the wootang. Remember think of these niacin like birth control never leave home w/o em. !!!!PLUS!!!! SIDE!!!!
    The first time u flush as a SIDE affect from niacin u will experience the burn but I promise u taking it everyday actually reduces the amount of toxin build up u have stored, so yeah the very first time will moretheless be the longest u will ever have to bare that sunburn feel I promise. Not that this really makes a difference but bc I’ve noticed some of u feel the need to lay it all out. LoL so I’m 5’6 ft. 220 lbs. So there ya go I’m big girl smoke weed everyday & with This regimen I have never failed a test for pot. Probation u name it. Bc I have to have other substances show up on test I always stop smoking 3 days prior to test just so all my other meds won’t be unaccounted for on test

  22. Tay

    Today Jan 20 I got a call back for a job I smoked last night. My interview is FEB 6. I’m a female 5’9, 120 pounds I’m basically tall and skinny. I use to be Heavy smoker but i slowed down in December. So what would you guys recommend to clean ? I got a few days to work on it please let me know

  23. Ro

    I havent smoke but I took two little hits from a vape pin on Saturday and have interview the next day how do I pass that if I have a interview the next day

  24. Eboney Nicole

    So dude I’m so unlucky I’m on day 90 and I’m still poppin dirty the thing is ive lost like 25 pound in three months eat healthy workout everyday almost everyday and I’m talking to hard on a elliptical for a hour and10 min in the day walking a hour after dinner . I’m talking walking 7 miles a day most day take detox baths super hot one I went down from 245 too 219 as of now . I really wanna look for a job and I’m a female who’s 24 and the worst part is I was only smoking for 4 and a half months . I took a 2 year break before this 4 months any tips too help me get rid of this I’m going crazy !

  25. Gian

    I accidently smoked this morning knowing i had a drug test the next day, im screwed

  26. Mae

    HELP!! Please i stopped smoking on January 2(bc of probation) i have been taking high doses of niacin, double shots of apple cider vinegar twice a day & triple strength cranberry pills 3 times a day (cant drink the juice bc im allergic) i was still positive yesterday!!! Idk what else to i have a test on monday & po says if im not clean im gonna have a problem!!! Would really appreciate some help with any suggestions Thank You

  27. new job girl

    ashley, can you give me more information about niacin? after you take it when do you experience the hot skin? right away? 20 minutes? and do you have a certain time when you can take the test from the time you take vitamin?

  28. Patricia Stearn

    I have been smoking a joint or two for the past two months, I have a possible drug test coming up, I don’t know when but am freaking. Need to get it out of my system and keep it out??? Help???

  29. Patricia Stearn

    I have been smoking pretty much EVERYDAY for the last two months, one or two joints a day, I may have a drug test upcoming in a week or two and am freaking. What can I do???

  30. James R Wright

    Been 30 days I dont smoke just was with an old friend 30 days ago I have been drinking tons of water ton of green tea even been drinking apple cider vinger even took 12 extra strength azo. And still dirty what gives here got to pee Monday can anybody help I freaking out

  31. Reba

    Ok I know nothing about weed except it makes me suck and I hate it. I helped my brother out the other day because he was passed out in his car and could not drive. So I drove him home and someone follwed me. He had smoked weed in the car and I was nauseated. This was on a Wednesday and then on Friday I had a saliva drug test at my new job at the interview. So was this crap out of my system? I am pretty mad cause he came around again and smelt like weed and I was pucking my guts up. S

  32. Anonymous

    Reba u have nothing to worry about if u didnt actual smoke it and u where just around it theres NO way u will test positive Stop worrying!!!! Not an issue at all!!!!

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