Live Resin, What Is It and How Do You Use It?

live resinLive resin is Stuff Stoners Like

Live resin is new different approach to creating concentrates. Like BHO, which is created using  dried weed or trim, live resin is a hydrocarbon solvent processing technique. However because buds are freshly harvested are quickly put into a cryogenic freeze producers are able to capture the freshest, most pristine essence of the cannabis plant. They’re also able to preserve a ton of those tasty terpene -rich essential oils that connoisseurs covet so much. In addition to being super flavorful and fragrant, live resin is also super potent—chock full of the high-causing, THC.

What is live resin

Live flavorful dabs? Well you can thank terpenes for the taste. These aromatic hydrocarbons, responsible for the taste and smell of weed, are suspend in cannabis resin. However 85% of all terpenes are lost during the drying and curing stage of harvest. So the best way to extract those flavor-rich terpenes like myrcene, limonene, and alpha-Pinene is to process the plant as close to it being alive as possible—completely fresh, right off the bud.

live resinHow is live resin made

According to the interwebs live resin was first started by a longtime Colorado hash master named William “Kind Bill” Fenger. “Wanting to smoke a hash that tasted of the freshest cannabis essential oils reminiscent of a budding flower, he began experimenting with harvest technique and processing methods, primarily “open blasting,” or open-end tube extraction. After a couple of years of less-than-ideal results, Kind Bill set the idea aside and was soon hired by EmoTek Labs founder Giddy Up as a hash and extract consultant. Giddy Up needed assistance in fine-tuning and finessing his new high-end closed-loop extraction system. After pairing Giddy’s modern hydrocarbon extraction technology with Kind Bill’s experience and fresh ideas, the duo introduced a new product that looked like glistening sugar and smelled of freshly trimmed bud.”

“Many consumers compare the experience as the difference between eating fresh fruit and dried fruit,” Jarrod Kaplan, founder of SugarTop Buddery told Dope Magazine. “The taste and smell of live resin is considerably more intense and flavorful than what you get from shatter, which has been processed using standard industry methods.”

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Regis Philburn, the founder of Echo Electuary, discussed the nuances of live resin extraction from a hash maker’s perspective. “Live resin best captures the terpene profile of the living plant, which can be a unique and invigorating experience to most users who are used to a dried and cured terpene profile,” Philburn told Dope magazine. “A significant amount of terpenes that are expressed by the living plant are lost during the drying process. Live resin is harvested, flash frozen, and then extracted with hydrocarbons in a closed-loop extractor at under 32 degrees within a few days for the best representation of the aroma of a living plant. The process is both difficult and laborious and is a feat for even the experienced extractor.”

How to smoke live resin

You can smoke live resin the same way you would smoke any other cannabis resin product. You could drop it in your vape pen or grab your dab rig and take a big ol’ bong hit of the stuff. You could even smoke it like that stuff you used to scrape from your crusty ol’ pipe because you’re Jonesing. You now what we’re taking about—if not here’s how to smoke resin. Anyhow you could smear live resin on joints or on top of a bowl—the options are pretty open however the best way to enjoy live resin is to vape it on a nail at a nice low temperature. That way you can appreciate all those tasty terpenes those processors worked so hard to preserve.

Have you tried connoisseur-grade live resin extracts? What sort of processed cannabis resin products do you dig? Let us know in the comments section below.

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