Quasar Marijuana Strain Review

Quasar Weed Strain

Quasar Marijuana Strain Review

Name: Quasar
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Superior Harvest
Harvest Date: Doesn’t Say on the Label
Type: Hybrid
Content: THCA 29.74% | CBDA .15%
Sample Size: 4 grams
Quasar Marijuana Strain ReviewGenetics: Pure indica and a backcrossed sativa
The genetic lineage of this bud is pretty murky. The most legit info seems to come from Seedfinder. The seed company this comes from is Buddha Seeds.
Quasar MarijuanaAppearance and Feels: I know that I say a lot of buds are super duper sticky, and trust me, a lot of them are. If you could only see my keyboard…But holy shit, when I was taking the pictures of the Quasar, my hands kept getting sticky to the point where I needed to damn near where gloves so as to not get my camera all gooey. You know what I mean, now say it with me. STICKY ICKYICKY! OOOH WEEE!
Quasar WeedNot only is Quasar a sticky girl, she’s exceptionally photogenic. One of those strains, like the LA Confidential, that really knows how to work it in front of the lens. Either that, or I’m finally getting the hang of the Canon M3. This bud is densely covered in trichomes, with a light almost neon green calyx and light orange pistils. This herb looks like some fiery, stony, stuff stoners like.
Quasar Weed StrainSmell: It’s kind an interesting almost sour aroma to it when you first open the lid. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s quite reminiscent of the Phantom Cherry Pie and Orange Fruity Pebbles. Perhaps not quite as citrusy, and a bit more sour, with hints of lemony pine in the background. This is some smelly good yum yum.
Quasar Weed StrainFlavor: The taste is real nice. I always enjoy finding strains I’ve never heard of that have terpene profiles similar to some of my favorite strains. This is some tasty herb for sure, definitely something the team over at Superior Harvest can be proud of. Then again, everything from Superior lately has been fire, and it all has that same epic trichome growth.
Whatever they are doing, it’s working. The Quasar is for sure something I would pick up again. Plus, it’s one of those cool strains that pairs itself really well to the tobacco I smoke, so it’s like spliffmode heaven and shit.
Quasar Weed StrainHigh: The high is nice and subtle, until you start taking bong rips, or hits out of the recycler as I was. Then it makes it super easy for the mind to wander. For example: Some people use recyclers for dabs, some use them for flower.
I’m lucky enough to know cool glass blowers like Joshua Chappell and Michael Philpot Jr. and Nobody, and Shana, so sometimes, if I really like the function on a rig, and the price is right, I’ll scoop one for flower. In this case I’m talking about these bad boys. I have a green with blue accents for flower and a blue with green accents for dabs. Chappell makes some dope ass glass for sure. So the high? The high is just right.
Quasar ReviewOverall: Stuff stoners like? Yes. Something I would purchase again? Most definitely. It’s got a good taste and smell, which is what I’m always interested in, and the high is good shit. For day to day smoking this is a tasty treat indeed. It’s up there in the THC content, although as you know, I’m always skeptical of test results when they are over 25%, but who knows. This is the future, and the future is amazing. The Quasar? Dope name, also amazing.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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