Quick Fix Is A Perfect Product to Help You Beat a Drug Test For Marijuana


Quick Fix is Stuff Stoners Like…but…

Quick Fix is probably the most popular brand of synthetic urine on the market. You can find it easily online and it’s probably in the head shop right around the corner from you. We can tell you that it definitely works to pass a drug test. Like any fake urine it works for whatever drug you use from weed to cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, LSD. Anyhow check out all the reviews for the stuff online and you’ll see. However the trick with it is to make sure it comes from a reputable manufacturer and that it’s not expired.


We’ve written about horror stories where people purchased some Quick Fix on Amazon for a really great price but failed their drug test. It’s because either it was counterfeit, expired or both. So when purchasing any drug test urine, we’re talking Sub Solution, Quick Fix, Quick Fix Plus or whatever—make sure it’s not expired. We always recommend Sub Solution fake urine because we know it’s always fresh because we the manufacturer’s (follow that link above to purchase directly from them) and they offer a 200% money back guarantee. Now that’s stuff stoners like. You’re welcome.

Test Yourself

Anyhow this stuff is definitely stuff stoners like and will work to help you pass your piss test if you get the original stuff and use it before the expiration date. To make sure just grab yourself a handy home drug test kit from Amazon or the local drug store. And simply test a bit of your Quick Fix and see if it works. It’s always best to know if it works so you can go right on in with confidence and nail the test.

Best Test-Taking Practices

Want a few tips on using synthetic urine? Practice smuggling it. Stuff it in your drawers or your bra and practice walking around with it so you don’t look suspicious. Make sure it’s warm before you hand it over. You can use a hand warming pad like you’d use in a mitten you’d wear in the snow or you could use a warming powder. The drug test urine we recommend above comes with a warming powder and a temperature strip. Make sure the piss is at least 98 to 100 degrees before you hand it over. And finally make sure to actually urinate in the toilet so that it looks as if you used the thing. Oh and don’t throw away or leave the empty urine container in the test bathroom. People actually do that type of shit and fail their test so be mindful.

Have any tips on using this stuff or Quick Fix Plus? Let us know, man. Leave all your best test-taking tips in the comments section below.

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