Synthetic Urine Is How to Pass A Urine Drug Test In 2017

synthetic urine is how to pass a drug testSynthetic urine – is how to pass a urine drug test in 2017

Using synthetic urine is the secret to pass a drug test. There are a lot of fake pee products out there that are piss poor and a lot companies making the stuff who don’t care if you pass—they just want your money. That’s why we recommend Sub-Solution. We know the makers and have tons of comments on our blog testifying that it works for a job drug test even for a daily smoker. You just need to follow the instructions or use real urine aka clean urine.

PRO TIP—We recommend Sub-Solution artificial urine to beat a drug test. It beats all other urines combined.

There are many laboratory urine brands on the market, magnum detox, xtreme synthetic, ultimate gold, Urine Luck, pure detox, Test Pure, Greens Agent, UPass, Purine, Monkey Whizz, ultra pure synthetic urine, Test Clear and other urine formulas to beat a urine test. We’ve reviewed magnum detox, ultimate gold, test pure, ultra pure, Test Clear, pure detox and Greens Agent and more with test strips and a home kit. Did they pass the test? Yep. They’re like clean urine to a lab. For those who can’t score clean urine here’s post on using artificial piss to pass a drug test.

The reason we like this method the most is because unlike going the detox route using pretend piss doesn’t involve giving up weed. It’s wrong to force people to give up their medicine. Sure you probably don’t want the guy working on your heart or the dude landing your 747 to be super stoned. But if that’s their medicine and they use it responsibly then who are we to judge?

Plus these tests are humiliating. Haven’t we progressed as humans where we don’t have to subject one another to pissing in a little cup? No? Well screw you. Here’s how to use fake pee to pass a piss test. Disclaimer: don’t use fake pee to pass a piss test. It’s illegal. But if you do, make sure it’s a quality product like SubSolution. Yes we are an affiliate so purchasing from them will help support our blog. You’re welcome.

How to pass a urine drug test

Lab tests suck. Need to know how to pass a lab test or beat a urine test at home? The best way to pass is with artificial piss. Forget the absolute detox drink or detox pills. Detox products take time. Like natural urine pretend pee works. Unlike natural urine it’s easy to get online or at a head shop. Just follow the directions and ensure your urine sample is the proper temperature. (Use a temp strip!) For more information on passing other tests like a hair follicle test be sure and check recommendations on products to treat your hair follicle and help you pass a hair test.

SUB-SOLUTION synthetic urineSub Solution is the best fake urine brand

Looking to pass a drug test at home or beat a urine test at the lab? Skip the absolute detox drink because detox products (drinks or detox pills) don’t always work. Get imitation piss from any trusted faux urine brands. What’s our favorite fake urine brand? When it comes to home drug tests or lab tests the best pee is Sub-Solution. Their unique urine formula looks just like clean urine. They even offer a 200% money back guarantee.

Sure that money back guarantee is awesome (who doesn’t like a satisfaction guarantee?) but what’s rad about sub solution is that it comes with a heat activator powder instead of heat pads. That way you know your artificial piss is the perfect temperature. If you’re not into laboratory urine, visit our post How To Pass A Drug Test for Marijuana for options. Also check out SubSolution because we are part of their affiliate program. And as part of their affiliate program we get paid when your purchase it.

Why use synthetic pee instead of detoxing?

Why would someone choose pretend pee rom Test Clear or others to pass a drug test at home or lab tests? Because detox products (detox drinks or pills) don’t always work. There are a lot of other ways to pass a test. Some people may opt for a detox product like a detox drink or choose the certo drug test method to either cleanse the body of marijuana metabolites (the thing lab testers look for in your urine) or mask it. We’ve covered them both and there a lots of comments on each post that says they work and a few saying they didn’t.

The beauty of using pretend pee over detox drinks is that you don’t have to stop smoking weed. That’s the best thing about using pretend pee to pass a piss test. If you have a synthetic urine review or success story let us know in the comments?

Using artificial urine 101

Talking about using this stuff to pass a test, right? Pretend piss is as simple to use as clean urine or a detox drink. The trick is smuggling it into the test facility and keeping it warm. Practicing smuggling. Hide the fake urine in your underwear or bra and move around. Fill it with tap water, go in the bathroom and act like you’re in a laboratory environment. Urine lab test places like LabCorp or quest diagnostics are all the same—they don’t have sinks. If you have tips on how to hide fake or clean urine let us know?.

If you don’t get sub solution that comes with a heat activator powder use heating pads. You can get a heat pack for warming piss or you can get foot warmers online. Make sure the urine is between 94 and 100 degrees and shake the specimen cup to give it some bubbles.

What is the best laboratory urine?

Spare yourself from reading all the highly recommended imposter piss reviews and just get the Sub-Solution. Other brands, especially the highly recommended ones by High Times like Monkey Whizz are sold by resellers. We’ve heard horror stories of people buying pretend pee from resellers that’s expired or counterfeit. Amazon constantly pulls counterfeit imposter pee products from their site.

What exactly is faux piss?

Fake piss is basically man-made pee that looks like it came from a human body. It’s made so lab workers like those at LabCorp or quest diagnostics can calibrate their urine testing devices. good idea because using actual piss from a human body is gross. Stoners have realized that it’s also a good idea for for passing a piss test.

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Can labs detect laboratory urine?

Doesn’t matter if it’s test strips or multi-million dollar machines—imitation urine is absolutely not detectable. That’s why it’s highly recommended and why companies can offer a 200% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Fake human urine looks just like human urine to lab testers like the guys at quest diagnostics. That’s because fake human urine is balanced for specific ph and creatinine as human levels. Make sure to always use a product that has the same specific gravity creatinine and other levels as real human urine.

Can labs test for artificial piss?

Do labs test for synthetic piss? Yes and no. labs typically just take a temperature reading. They go beyond the temperature reading and test for synthetic stuff like specific gravity creatinine and other shit if you give them a reason to test for synthetic stuff. So make sure to give them a quality product.

What about other drugs and fake pee?

Job hunting? Well imitation urine will help to pass all sorts of drug related tests. We’re talking everything from LSD, to cocaine—even if you’re a daily smoker. Unlike a detox program the effectiveness of pretend pee depends on 2 things; quality and execution. Buy a quality synthetic piss product (not just a highly recommended) and use it as directed. Test your urine with test strips to see if you need fake piss first. Maybe you don’t smoke much? Then Practice smuggling and getting the temperature correct.

Testimonial on fake piss working to pass a drug test

We have several urine testing testimonials saying that quality synthetic pee helped them pass a job drug test. Skip the detox program because we also have several reviews about detox drinks that work poorly. Buy a home drug test kit with overnight shipping to test your pretend pee before you use.

Our favorite imposter pee testimonial comes from RG who used Sub-Solution with the a heat activator powder instead of heating pads to pass a drug test by LabCorp, similar to quest diagnostics or any other big testing place.

RG was facing a 10 panel drug screening. RG smoked weed daily and didn’t have enough time to get the weed out of her system. She bought Clear Choice Sub-Solution from “Yes, it was more expensive than a bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine or Quick Fix Plus, but this is not something you skimp on,” she wrote.

Reader Testimony Continued

RG had a marijuana card but that didn’t matter while job hunting. Because she had tested positive on other lab tests and drug screens RG thoroughly read the instructions on how to use sub solution. She had practiced walking with the bottle and heat activator.  When she got to the lab (keep in mind this works for LabCorp, quest diagnostics or any other laboratory environment) she felt confident.

She removed the mixing container added the heat activator and could feel the urine heat immediately. RG used the temperature stip to make sure the pretend pee was at least 98 to 100 degrees and poured it into the urine test cup. She left the cup as instructed and made sure to take the mixing container with her. After that RG urinated in the toilet to give it that yellow color.

Days later RG heard she passed her urine test. “The immediate relief was amazing. I had my doubts even though every synthetic urine formula review I read said it worked. Nothing beats having a paper in your hand stating you’re clean!” (except for having clean urine already.)

Will faux pee work for LSD?

Yes mock urine from brands like Test Clear and others will work to help you pass a test for all drugs. Because it mimics clean pee you can use it to pass a drug test no matter what drug you take. You should NEVER use pure synthetic urine to cheat or fool anyone like a home drug test. Keep in mind that just because you have a marijuana card it doesn’t mean that you can’t get fired for having weed in your system.

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WTF is fake urine made from?

Imitation urine like test pure, xtreme synthetic, ultra pure synthetic urine, Greens Agent, pure detox and the like are made from chemicals. Artificial urine has all the normal urine characteristics like that familiar yellow color and odor that you’d find in your own stuff. Because it has all these unique urine characteristics it looks and acts like real human urine. It’s what test labs use to test and calibrate their urine testing devices (not real urine).

Can You Make Fake Pee At Home?

Making non real urine takes a degree in chemical engineering. There’s all sorts of chemicals in this stuff like urea uric acid and stuff. We have no idea what urea uric acid or where you’d find the stuff. And even if we did have a clue what it was and were given a huge box of urea uric acid for free we wouldn’t even try to make the stuff. We can barely make lemonade. So just go and score some sub solution synthetic urine and be done with it.

Get some SubSolution urine and you’re good. There’s no making, there’s no mixing, well except for the including the heat activator powder but that’s it. Do yourself a favor and skip the Ultra Pure and others grab some Sub-Solution. And get a home test to make sure it works if you’re a worrier.

When to use fake piss

Pure synthetic urine is appropriate for any test situation. Daily smoker? No problem. It just depends on how strict the test goes. If you can go into the bathroom freely you are golden. Sometimes your test will require someone watching. There are products for that. The whizzinator touch is one of ‘em. I looks like a fake penis that expels what looks like real human urine. These work great for supervised tests.

When not to use imitation pee

Yes there are times when using fake urine is not a good idea. There are drug testing facilities that will make your disrobe and then put on a hospital robe. If this happens you won’t have any place to hide your non real urine. Some labs are more relaxed with their invasion of privacy. These are they types of places that will make you lift your shirt up and pull your pants all the way to down to make sure you’re not using a Whizzinator Touch.

These are the types of places where you should avoid using the fake whiz. We’ve never heard of an employer forcing someone into one of these situations. It’s not like you’re going to go to apply for a gig at a grocery store and then have to take a piss in front of a complete stranger. This type of stuff is usually reserved for criminals. Not just any criminal either. You have got to have done some pretty fucked up shit to have to submit to this type of test.

Smuggling synthetic urine 101

Smuggling pretend pee into drug testing places is easy. It’s a good idea to practice. Stick the fake whiz in your underwear, sock or your bra, shove it in between your belt and body, duct tape it to your thigh—whatever. Just be careful how you package it because you want quick and easy access when you get to the lab. You don’t want to have to be pulling on shit. So practive your moves before you get there, dude. Practice makes perfect. Websites like Test Clear, Amazon or eBay sell special belts. But you can just use any old type of belt across your chest or around your arm. Hell use one of your dad’s old ties that you got him for father’s day years ago if you have to. Tie that tie around your arm like rambo and stuff everything you need in there. At least that tie’ll be getting some use, right? Instead of just sitting there collecting dust in dad’s closet, right? Put it to good use, man. Use it to smuggle and get you that new job. That’s what dad really wanted—not some Grateful Dead tie.
Anyhow here’s where you can hide imitation pee:

  1. Double up on the underwear and put the imposter pee in between.
  2. Wear an incognito belt under your cloths and across your chest. Attach the pretend pee bottle to the incognito belt with duct tape. Or get a purpose built incognito belt aka urine belt or synthetic urine belt.
  3. Tape the pretend pee to your biceps and wear long sleeves. Or wrap the synthetic urine belt around your arm.
  4. If you’re female stash it in your bra. If you’re male, borrow a bra.
  5. Stash your pretend pee where Christopher Walken hid that watch while in a Vietnamese prison camp.

What do drug test labs do with your sample?

First thing that drug labs do with your urine sample is look at it. If it looks like the color of some weird detox drink it’s rejected immediately. Next they typically test the temperature.

Fail that and your pee off to meet a lab’s GC-MS machine (gas chromatography mass spectrometry machine) to prove that you’ve got drugs in your urine. You’ll also find those gas chromatography mass spectrometry machines at labs that test herb for THC levels, residues, etc.

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What do labs look for in urine?

If your pee looks like tap water and you didn’t ace the prescree (color, temperature, etc) your pee is off to a lab to test for things like uric acid and urea plus:

  • pH – typically pH will be between 4.6 and 8. A good imposter piss brand will be balanced for ph specific levels.
  • Specific gravity – The range is 1.005-1.030 in pee. This is basically a measure of dissolved solids in your pee.
  • Creatinine levels – you should have 15 mg/kg of your bodyweight of creatine in your pee. Yep gravity and creatinine are important.
  • uric acid and urea aka Uric acid and the trace elements of uric acid
  • Glutaraldehyde – This is something that cheap-ass pretend pee companies use in their product and a dead giveaway.
  • Nitrate – Nitrates are in urine so makes sure it’s in your sample.
  • Urea – Another substance found in all urine

What don’t labs look for in urine?

These labs are not wasting their time looking for sex hormones that will distinguish gender. So you can be female and use your brother’s untainted pee and be just fine. Labs aren’t looking at genetic data to see if you’ve got some crazy disease and they aren’t looking for prescription medications. Oh and they’re not checking to see if you’re overweight or unhealthy. They can get that just by looking at you, dude.

What’s uric acid?

Uric acid is a chemical created when the body breaks down substances called purines. Purines are found in some foods and drinks. These include liver, anchovies, mackerel, dried beans and peas, and beer. Most uric acid dissolves in blood and travels to the kidneys. That’s why uric acid and traces of uric acid are typically found in urine and should be in your faux urine kits.

What is the temp of human urine?

Urine leaves the body normally at around 94°F to 96°F (about 35 °C). So make sure the temperature of the solution matches. Most urine testing labs will test your sample within four or five minutes. Check out our post, How To Keep Synthetic Urin Warm So You Can Pass a Drug Test for some tips and tricks on heating urine, keeping it warm and smuggling it into the test facility.

What is the temperature of urine supposed to be at the lab?

Pretend pee needs to be around 94°F to 100°F. Grab a brand like Sub-Solution that has a heat activator powder to simplify the process. Or get a hand warmer. Tape a hand warmer to your mixing container and it should warm up in 45 mins.

Reheating synthetic pee

Yes you can reheat imposter piss. You can heat it unlimited times and you still won’t test positive. Just make sure that the stuff isn’t beyond it’s expiration date and make sure the temperature of the solution is about  94° and100°F before pouring it into the collection cup.

Storing synthetic pee

Pretend pee to help pass a urine test will last for a couple years. Make sure to store your fancy urine product away from direct sunlight or bacteria will start growing inside. Keep it at room temp too. And always check the expiration date.

Does faux urine go bad or expire?

Does synthetic urine expire? Like mayonnaise imposter piss has a shelf life. If it’s been opened bacteria will start to grow in there rendering it ineffective. Use test strips or a home kit to see if it’s still good or toss it.

How much piss do drug labs need?

How much pee is needed to pass a piss test? We get this all the time from people who want to be economical with their pretend piss and still pass a urine test. typically you’ll need about 30 ml of urine for most tests.

Can I buy fake pee locally?

You won’t find pretend piss at the corner store. But you will find the stuff right next to the detox drink section at head shops, smoke shops or porn shops. Most companies, including testnegative will overnight the stuff. Have a synthetic urine review or fave synthetic urine formula to share? Leave it in the comments section below.

Best synthetic urine reviews

Sure you could read all the artificial piss reviews online but we’ve done the urine review research for ya. However, we don’t want to stop you from reading other people’s synthetic urine reviews online just be cautions of dates. Make sure to read recent reviews and get a new product. Anyhow looking for synthetic urine kits? These are the three best kits that you can get and where. Have a favorite urine kit? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

Sub-Solution powdered urine kit review

Sub-Solution is the brand of artificial piss that we recommend. They offer a 200% money back guarantee. What’s awesome about this artificial piss is that it comes with a heat activator powder that warms the pretend piss to the perfect temperature in just a few seconds. It contains all the chemicals found in real urine including urea and uric acid and it’s balanced for creatinine, pH and specific gravity. That’s why it looks, smells and foams like real urine. Check out their incognito urine belt to help you smuggle your synthetic wee.

Purine powdered urine kit review

We did a Purine urine kit review back in the day. And can tell ya that the Purine powdered urine kit is good stuff. We’re still partial to Clear Choice sub-solution because if it’s fast heat activator powder, but Purine powdered urine kit is good stuff is pretty awesome. Once it’s mixed purine looks and smells just like human pee. It comes with a warming pad and a temperature strip aka temp strip to help make sure you get it to the right temp before you hand it over. It’s also less expensive than most brands, but that’s because it’s a powder and a little more difficult to use than the liquid stuff that’s available. Also you can purchase a temperature strip or temp strip on Amazon and get overnight shipping or from a pet store if your kit doesn’t come with one.

QUICK-FIX synthetic urine can help you pass a drug testQuickfix 101

What is Quickfix? Quick Fix synthetic is a popular brand of mock urine. Unlike a powdered urine kit it’s ready to go The problem with QuickFix is finding the stuff because it’s often either counterfeit or gone beyond their shelf life. Many websites sell the knock-off version, and most of the time they don’t realize it, and many more sell stuff that has gone bad and will lead you to test positive for weed. So just make sure that you know that your pretend pee is authentic and hasn’t gone bad before you make your purchase. See more below or check out our Quik fix synthetic urine review.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine CAUTIONS

Like we mentioned above the problem with quick fix and Quick Fix Plus is finding stuff that’s made by the actual manufacturer—Spectrum Labs. The Quick Fix synthetic urine you find on Amazon is almost always fake or beyond its shelf life. It’s probably like stored near a blazing furnace not at room temperature as advised. You’ll probably find the same nonsense on eBay. Make no mistake that these have gone bad and the ingredients in the have broken down. Apparently what happened was that someone bought a huge box of Quick Fix plus synthetic that was all about to expire (according to the batch number) in a liquidation sale. Now of course they need to get rid of it so they’re selling it for a price that’s below typical retail.  So make sure to get something trusted like  Quick Fix Plus, or just go with something like Sub-Solution. Powdered urine can expire too so be careful. Try and verify the batch number if possible.

Quick Fix reviews online

When we did a Quick Fix review the stuff passed with flying colors. Sure we aren’t an official testing facility but we did use one of those highly accurate home tests. And like we said a small amount of Quick Fix synthetic urine and it’s sister product Quick Fix Plus both passed the home tests. What’s the difference between the two products? Well it’s basically the amount of pee you get. You get a small amount with the first and more with the second.

When we reviewed it and Quick Fix Plus we noticed that the only real problem was that sometimes they don’t come with a device to heat them up (room temperature pee is a dead giveaway for a cheat) or a way to test the temperature. You could purchase heating pads from Amazon or grab one at your local drugstore but you’ll also need a digital thermometer or a temperature range strip to make sure the pee is in the correct temperature range before you hand it over.

Also we did hear of some issues with both the original and Quick Fix Plus being sold on Amazon. Apparently Amazon doesn’t carry pretend piss so the ones that do show up on the site could be counterfeit or expired. That’s why you’ll see many a Quick Fix review saying that the product tested as “non-human” or whatever—basically because it had expired and the ingredients broke down.

What is Quick Fix Plus?

A friend of ours recently used Quick Fix Plus imitation pee to pass her piss test. RG said her box came complete with a 3 oz plastic bottle of pee with screw cap, a termrature stip, heaing pad and step-by-step instructions on how to use the product. Then she made sure to follow the instructions (even read all the frequently asked questions on the site) and passed the test without any issues. Apparently QuickFix Plus also comes with a money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you make sure to save your receipt so you can get your money back. You’ll probably need it since you won’t be getting that job you were after.

PRO TIP—The Whizzinator is the perfect product smuggle your synthetic piss. The Whizzinator Touch is exactly what it sounds like—a highly realistic fake dick that pisses out synthetic piss at body temperature. In fact the Whizzinator Touch worked so well that the US government took them out of business back in 2008. They’re back now and they also have a product called the SheWhiz to help women pass a piss test that’s supervised.

Using Quick Fix urine 101

Because room temperature pee isn’t going to cut it depending on how fast you need to use QuickFix or Quick Fix Plus there are two options—a fast and a slow-heating method using heating pads, or a microwave, or plain body heat to bring it up to body temperature.

Option 1—fast method. You can heat your Quick Fix urine or QuickFix Plus in a microwave or on the stove top. Make sure to heat it to at least between 90-99°F. Use a digital thermometer. If you go over it’ll take some time for the urine to cool off. That might be something you want to consider if your test is going to happen in an hour or two. Next you’ll wrap it with the provided warming pad, hopefully your box came with one, to keep the temperature consistent. Just make sure that the pee is within temperature before you hand it over. Also you might want to carry your fake wee in your underwear of bra if possible. Avoid stashing your fake pee in a pocket or purse in case you are searched or clumsy.

Option 2—slow method. This method uses body heat plus the heating pad to bring the mixing container of fake piss to the right temperature. It’ll take about 45 minutes for the mixing container to reach the correct temperature, 90-99°F. If you keep the urine close to your body it should stay warm for as long as you need. Carry a digital thermometer if you need to measure the temp.

PRO TIP—Give your urine sample a quick shake before you leave the bathroom to make some bubbles. It will appear just like real piss.

Dilution vs Fake urine kit

There was a day when adding urine additives or diluting your pee would work. Actually urine additives like bleach and laundry detergent never worked. But the modern drug testing and drug screening process now checks for for Creatinine and Ph levels. So diluting your pee just doesn’t work. That’s why there are so many fake urine kit products or powdered urine kit on the market nowadays. And yes they work as long as you follow the directions and make sure the product isn’t counterfeit or hasn’t expired.

Best fake urine from reader—RG

Here’s a great reader testimonial on Sub-Solution synthetic urine and her drug testing experience. We chose this urine analysis tale because sub-solution is our favorite synthetic urine kit. This was left on our site by a woman who got her fake pee from our friends over at RG said she got the package in two days and it looked like just an ordinary box. She read the instructions several times and even practiced smuggling her container a few times before she went to her test at Concentral. Next RG mixed the powdered urine with tap water in the plastic bottle while in her car because she knew there would be no sink in the bathroom and using toilet water could be gross. Our friend then stashed the mixing container in her bra as well as the temperature strip aka temp strip and heat activator powder packet and waited until it was completely dissolved. Her test was not monitored but there was someone posted outside the door. She dropped the screw cap while mixing a third of the heat activator powder with the urine. Nobody noticed luckily.

Within a few seconds she could feel the urine heat up. She monitored the temperature on the strip and it went beyond the 99 degrees. So she laid the bottle on the coldest surface in the room, the back of the toilet and waited about 30 seconds for it to cool down. Once the urine was at 98 degrees she squirted the mixtUre into the urine cup that the lab supplied and urinated in the toiled at the same time to mask the sound and to actually leave some real urine behind. Keep in mind they will not test the warm water in the toiled so you’re fine.

Also don’t pour any of your imposter pee in the toilet. Labs use something to turn the warm water blue if powdered urine or laboratory urine is poured into the toilet. It took about 3 minutes to perform the procedure. After a few days she got a call from her potential employer telling her that she had the job if she wanted it so apparently she passed the piss test. Sub Solution urine by Clear Choice definitely works. Skip the cheap-o powdered urine kit and get it. I used it back in April 2016 and passed urine analysis,” she said.

Tips on how to use synthetic urine

Over the years we’ve put together a handy four step process on how to use imitation liquid and or a powdered urine kit to pass a piss test:

  1. To simplify things to carry and things to mess up make sure to mix your laboratory urine powder with tap water well before your urine test. You have at least 8 hour to use it.
  2. Use a light touch on adding heating powder. If you add too much cool down your surface by placing it on a cold surface like the back of the toilet for example.
  3. Read the directions carefully and make sure to follow them exactly. Don’t assume you know what everything does.
  4. Practice opening your smuggling bottle and pouring it into the specimen cup. Seriously. Just trying it a few times so you’ve got it down.

Other uses for fake piss

Guys like the company who make Quick Fix Plus urine and the dudes behind the Whizzinator market their synthetic pee products as toxin free sex toys or novelty gifts—check their privacy policy it totally mentions using their stuff for passing lawfully administered tests. That way they aren’t in jeopardy of teaching people how to break the law with the products or synthetic urines they are selling. Since we aren’t selling any synthetic urines or any other fake urines or products that use ‘em we’re not as worried. Anyhow these guys say that their products can be used for a whole bunch of weird and kinky activities including:
Kinky Play
“A popular use for our synthetic is by the fetish community,” says Spectrum Labs. “Regular urine contains impurities; our pretend pee mimics the look of regular urine and provides a healthy way to play.” Gross. The Whizzinator and SheWhiz manufacturers sell their stuff as sex toys for similar reasons.
The guys who make quick fix urine promote drinking their products. Urine is gross compared to water or soymilk but to each their own, right? Mmm pass the urine. They call it urine therapy (yes, urine therapy) and point out that in “urine has been prescribed in India for over 5,000 years for health benefits, as written in the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi.” Ew. We’d rather drink one of those detox drinks.
The makers of also think that pranking people is a good use of their product since it’s not nasty like real human pee by saying, “What could be funnier than dousing your roommate’s bed with urine? Not much!” Since synthetic pee is “healthy and doesn’t contain the nasty toxins human urine does.”
Repelling Animals
Some animals are repelled by urine and since synthetic pee works to mimic real pee so it works as a repellent. Now you know what to do with any extra fake pee you might have after passing your test.

Enter the Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is a fake dick used to piss out fake pee. It also helps keep that pretend pee warm and helps smuggle it into the testing facility. In fact the Whizzinator worked so well that in 2008 the US Government went after the manufacturers and actually shut them down. Puck Technology, the makers of The Whizzinator were found guilty on 19 counts including fraud and selling drug paraphernalia charges. Gerald Wills and Robert Catalano, president and vice president of the whizzinator company were charged with conspiracy to defraud the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Wills got 6 months in prison and Catalano got 3 years probation and all the companies assets were seized—all for helping people pass drug tests. However they’re back in business selling their product as a sex toy—like we said it’s in their privacy policy now.

WTF is the Whizzinator?

One of the most infamous weed accessories for the daily smoker is the Whizzinator and the SheWhiz. What’s the Whizzinator used for? Depends on who you ask? It could be used to help people pass a piss test or used as a sex toy or to repel animals. Take your pick. However most people use it to smuggle urine and keep it warm. It’s more masculine than heat pads, right?

What famous person got caught with the Whizzinator?

There was a famous football player who got caught with the Whizzinator remember? It was Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith who got busted with the original Whizzinator in May 2005 at the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport. Apparently police found “paraphernalia” later identified as “a kit used to circumvent drug tests.” The Chronic smoker was suspended for the entire 2005 season after a third violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. In 2009 a Minnesota Bar owner bought the infamous Whizzinator from the former player to display this ode to tests at the venue.

Q: So does fake pee work? A: YES

Does synthetic urine work to beat drug screens or test? Definitely dude synthetic urine works. It’s not detectable now and it probably won’t ever be detectable. Just make sure that your sample urine temperature is at least  32–38 °C/90–100 °F before you hand it over and give it a little shake as well. And again we recommend Clear Choice Sub-Solution pretend pee in case you’re looking for tips.

Being drug tested sucks. We hate them and that they are not only humiliating but a complete violation of human dignity. Piss in a dixie cup? C’mon, man. Aren’t we beyond that? We’re here to put an end to them but until that day comes we are at least here to help people being drug tested deal with the humiliation and pass the test. So Good luck on passing your drug tests. Let us know how it goes?

Ever beat a labs test or any drug screens while being a chronic smoker? Use clear choice, quick fix synthetic urine or any other brand of synthetic urine to pass a test at a lab or home tests? What are your favorite synthetic urines or home tests to practice? Have a quick  fix imitation urine review to share? How about tips on how to hide the fake urine.Give us all your best tips on passing urine tests, drug screen or any other testing information except stuff on clean pee in the comments below.

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