Drug Testing Tips

Drug testing is on the rise. Knowing how to pass a drug test is more important than ever—especially now that more than half of the nation has legalized it.

Dr Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review

Needa vape pen for discreet dabs? Dr Dabber has a new pony in the race—the Dr Dabber Aurora—a damn sweet upgrade to the Dr Dabber Ghost Pen. So is it Stuff Stoners Like?

Marijuana’s Positive Effects

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How to Smoke a Blunt Properly

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Is President Trump Coming for Your Weed?

What’s going to happen to legal weed under Trump? Will recreational weed exist in the near future? What about the fate of medical pot? We asked rock star pot journalist Angela Bacca to investigate.

How To Smoke A Joint 101

Do you really know how to smoke a joint? From the proper way to light a joint, to how to truly enjoy one—this pot post is all about how to smoke a joint.

How to Get Resin Out of A Pipe

There’s nothing worse than trying to take a fat rip off a glass bowl only to be shut the fuck down by a resin clog. So here’s how to get resin out of a pipe…

Here’s the Best Way to Clean a Bong

A dirty bong sucks. So what do you think is the best way to clean a bong? Do you use a bong cleaning product or straight up isopropyl alcohol alcohol?

How to Top a Weed Plant

No we’re not talking about putting pepperoni on weed plants like a pizza. The topping we are going to discuss has to do with guiding and shaping pot plants…

Firefly Vaporizer V2 Review

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Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

Can you overdose on marijuana? We’ve tried. So far we haven’t. So we put Mat Lee to task asking how to explain. the possibilities of a marijuana overdose…

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Blood?

The blood drug test isn’t very common, like the dreaded urine drug test, because it’s costly but what it so effective is that it’s great at determining current drug use.