BREAKING NEWS — Marijuana Reform Group Takes on the NFL

New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk was suspended for one week and fined about $300,000, by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week after pleading guilty in July to misdemeanor marijuana possession charges. The marijuana reform group SAFER (Safer Alternatives for Enjoyable Recreation is not going to just sit on the sidelines and watch.

SAFER, whose primary argument is that marijuana is safer than alcohol and should not be treated more harshly, announced Thursday that it would deliver an online petition and letter calling for changes to the NFL’s marijuana policy to Goodell in New York City. According to the group, the fine is total slap in the face when you consider that the NFL accepts hundreds of millions of dollars in alcohol advertising.

“The NFL has no problem with players using alcohol and it accepts hundreds of millions of dollars to promote booze to football fans of all ages,” said SAFER executive director Mason Tvert.

This isn’t the first time SAFER has gone after the NFL’s marijuana policy. [digg=]Last October, the group erected a billboard across the street from Invesco Field in Denver that featured an image of NFL superstar Ricky Williams in a Denver Broncos jersey, urging the recently reinstated player to “Come to Denver: Where the people support your SAFER choice.”

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