Budda Box Giveaway

Budda Box Giveaway

Budda Box Giveaway

23 Responses to “Budda Box Giveaway”

  1. Danny Gonzalez

    I think you guys said that I won the transformertubes on your live stream on facebook

  2. Sean parsons

    U guys called my name for winning the vapourous box how to i claim the prize

  3. Stoner Stuff

    Yer mistaken. This contest has been over for months. Sorry, dude.

  4. kevin doolittle

    I won a waxliqudizer in a give away my name is Kevin doolittle I don’t know how to claim prize

  5. Stoner Stuff

    You should contact the Budda Box dudes. =-)

  6. MaKayla Rae

    You guys said i won #smokecubes on your live website but dont know how to claim it? Please help!

  7. Stoner Stuff

    We did not. You’re mistaken. We have no live website. We are NOT budda box. You should contact them.

  8. Crystal Krouse

    I won the #geniuspipe.

  9. Stoner Stuff

    Nope. Not from our site. We never gave away a genius pipe.

  10. cleon Kendrick


  11. cleon Kendrick

    Thanks for the prize assuming I get it! 😂😆

  12. Stoner Stuff

    Contest ended months ago dude & the winner already got their winnings

  13. Amanda Jerome

    I won a giveaway on Facebook!! Go Pats

  14. Amanda Jerome

    Trying to claim my Facebook giveaway prize?

  15. Stoner Stuff

    Nice try. That contest has been over for months.

  16. Jerome AmAnda

    It was a contest about the superbowl

  17. Jerome AmAnda

    It was a contest about the superbowl

  18. Stoner Stuff

    Congrats. But we had absolutely nothing to do with that. We are not buddabox.

  19. Saraya kaplan

    I was on a live facebook post and they called my name for the 500$ bee nail enail and said I won . They said to go to giveaway@buddabox.com but I can’t find it to claim my prize

  20. Kelly Ferguson

    Not sure if I did this right but I guess I was supose to come here for the Buddha box I just won Friday march 10

  21. ralph deane

    Can’t find where to claim prize

  22. Jake worthley

    I won on a fbook live feed today emailed the email I was supped to and haven’t heard anything back 🙁

  23. Millie Smith

    WAHOOOOO!!!! I Won a BuddaBox tonight On the Carl Denali Show Birthday Episode!! How do I claim My Awesome BuddaBox?

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