Buy me some peanuts and CBD? Is baseball about to take CBD ad dollars?

Major League Baseball stated on June 21 that CBD is now an “approved category” meaning  teams are now allowed to sell CBD sponsorships if the brand has a verification that a product has no THC.

Chief Revenue Officer Noah Garden explains: “We told the clubs if you want to do a deal in the CBD category, it will require two things: One is NSF certification—and none of them are there yet, although around three to five [brands] are in process. The other is to get approval from the commissioner’s office. “It’s a good opportunity for us and the clubs.”

CBD could generate up to $4.9 billion worldwide in 2022, with a projection of reaching $47 billion by 2028.

MLB first made waves towards allowing cannabis consumption for athletes over two years ago. that it would be removing cannabis from its list of “abused drugs” (but would still test for substances such as fentanyl and cocaine).The MLB sponsorship announcement opens the doors for brand patches on uniforms and televised commercials.

The league said it would monitor commercials for approval similarly to how it oversees sports-betting ads.

In this writer’s opinion, to date the most notable drug/baseball interaction is the throwing of a no hitter by Dock Ellis on LSD. I’m sure we have a way to go before it gets on the approved substances list. If you don’t know the story of Dock Ellis this should bring you up to speed:


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