How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm So You Can Pass a Drug Test

how to pass a drug testHow to keep synthetic urine warm

Before we dive into how to keep urine warm for a drug test let us first say that drug testing sucks. It feels like such an invasion of privacy, doesn’t it? Why should some drug test decide the fate of a capable employee? And why should a drug test stand in the way of your future? If you’re facing a drug test have no fear, we’ve helped a ton of people pass ‘em by suggesting that they use synthetic urine. Check out our post, How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana, for tips and tricks on passing using fake pee and other recommendations like detox drinks or Jello. Also do yourself a favor and read the comments—you’ll find plenty of helpful information from people who have used our suggestions to pass a drug test.

Best synthetic urine

Sure you could score some clean urine for drug test but it’s not all that common. Lot’s of people do lots of drugs. Plus more importantly it could get kind of embarrassing asking around for some clean pee. That’s why we always recommend using fake urine to pass a drug test. Sub-Solution has always been our preferred favorite but there are plenty of others out there including QuickFix that are all really good.

Handing over a cup of cold pee is a surefire way to fail a drug test. Think about the temperature of your pee when it exits your body. It’s at least the same temperature of your body, right? So your  urine sample should be between 94°F to 100°F. If it is too cold make sure to heat it. There are various ways of accomplishing this—use a brand like Sub-Solution that includes a heating powder or find another solution that involves a microwave, stove top or heating pad. Because it comes with a heating powder it’s hands-down the best synthetic urine to use to pass a drug test. If you grab a synthetic urine that doesn’t include a heating powder, no problem just follow the tips below. You might also want to practice a few of these tips before the big day. That way you’ll have your plan ready.

Give us your best plan on how to keep urine warm for drug test in the comments section below.

Heating synthetic urine

Of course you can microwave synthetic urine to heat it. Toss it in there for about ten seconds and you’re good. You can also heat it on the stove in a pot. But most bathrooms at drug labs don’t have microwaves or stoves. So if you heated your urine at home you better deliver your sample before it cools off.

If you don’t buy a synthetic urine kit that comes with a heating powder your best bet is to score some temperature strips, and a heating pad. Now that’s how to keep urine body temperature. Depending on the drug lab you might need some added stuff so you can smuggle your fake urine into the testing facility and possibly deliver it in front of an actual person watching you pee. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that.

First let’s assume that you’ll have access to a private bathroom to deliver your urine sample. Just put the bottle of synthetic pee in your pocket or purse. Make sure it’s not obvious. People at these labs are looking for people smuggling fake pee. Most people hid it in their underwear or bra. Just be careful how you package it and it won’t spill. Be confident, friendly and smile—you’ll be fine. Nobody knows you’re packing unless you give them a reason to think that you’re packing. Dig?

What temp is urine when it leaves the body? It’s between 94°F to 100°F. So make sure that you warm your urine to be within that temperature range before you put it in the cup. So your best bet is to put the temperature strip on the bottle. You’ll find these things for aquariums. They’re cheap. Here’s a box of ten temperature strips on Amazon for $3.99. This will help you determine the temperature of your urine. You could also skip this step and dribble a bit on the underside of your forearm to test the temperature like a mom would do with a baby bottle. If you don’t feel it, you know it’s the right temp. If it feels too hot or too cold you’ll need to make some adjustments.

Anyhow tape the heating pad to the bottle of synthetic urine and allow it to do it’s thing. It should take about an hour for the heating pad to heat the synthetic urine to the perfect temperature. How hot does hand warmer get? A hand warmer will reach temperatures around 100 too 125 degrees F.  One hundred twenty-five degrees would be way too hot urine should only be around 100 degrees max.

How long does urine stay warm?

How long does urine stay good at room temperature? Well man real drug-free urine and synthetic urine won’t stay warm for long on its own. Let’s say that you pee in a cup and then sit it on the counter. Like a cup of coffee your urine is going to cool off rather quickly. However you can use something like a hand warmer wrapped around that cup full of urine to keep it warm. Using a hand warmer you can most likely keep that pee warm for up to eight hours. That’s way than more time then you’ll need to get to your laboratory test place and get through your test.

Can you reheat synthetic urine?

Yes you can reheat synthetic urine. In fact you can reheat synthetic urine an unlimited amount of times. It can be heated a number of ways, with a heating pad, in a microwave, even on the stove. That’s probably the grossest pee warmer for drug test ever conceived but it will work. Just make sure to wash the hell out of that pot when you’re done.

However make sure the temperature is between 94° and100°F before pouring it into the collection cup at the lab. You might want to shake it also to create some bubbles much like human pee.

How long does pee stay good? Well regular urine won’t last long because it’s going to take on a ton of bacteria in no time if you leave it sitting around. You could bottle it up and place it in the refrigerator and it last up to a week or maybe a month respectively. But fake pee should last for up to a year or more if it’s stored correctly. Correctly storing urine means unopened and out of direct sunning. How long does pee last? Probably up to a year in the freezer.

How to preserve urine? Yep the freezer is probably the best place to save it. But just make sure someone doesn’t mistake it for some frozen lemonade or something. We’re talking the fresh stuff. You can keep the fake stuff out of sunlight and it’ll be fine for up to a year.

How to smuggle synthetic urine

If you’re submitting to an unsupervised test you shouldn’t really need to hide your pee, like we said most people hid it in their droors or bra. Here are some ideas on where you can hide synthetic urine.

  1. Wear two sets of droors and stash your fake urine in between them. Don’t worry—if you get your urine temperature correct you won’t get burned.
  2. Wear a belt under your clothes and attach your fake urine to it. Bonus? Some places make you pull down the pants and lift up the shirt, then let you go to the bathroom alone. So wear it right below your chest and above your navel. Some manufacturers make a special synthetic pee belt for this very reason.
  3. You can also tape a container of synthetic pee to your inner thigh.
  4. If you’re a woman you can stash the fake pee in your bra. We’ve even heard of women storing it up the vagina.
  5. Watch Pulp Fiction and then stash your fake pee where Christopher Walken hid that watch while in a Vietnamese prison camp.

How to use synthetic urine in a supervised drug test

If you’re submitting your urine sample while someone is actually watching it leave your body there is hope. Enter The Whizzinator. What is the Whizzinator? It’s a highly realistic fake penis designed to expel synthetic urine at body-temperature and one of the most infamous weed accessories ever made. There’s a version for women as well. It’s called the She-Whiz. These products not only aid in smuggling and delivering synthetic urine they also keep it warm.

Does the Whizzinator work?

Yes the Whizzinator does work. It works great for smuggling fake pee as well as keeping the temperature of urine at a constant. In fact the Whizzinator worked so well for so many people that the government actually took the Whizzinator dudes down.

In 2008 The government heard people were passing piss tests left and right using a Whizzinator and so they took action lead to federal prosecutors winning a 19-count indictment against Puck Technology, the makers of The Whizzinator, for fraud as well as for selling drug paraphernalia. Gerald Wills and Robert Catalano, president and vice president of the wizinator company, conspired to defraud the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. As a result the company’s assets were seized, Wills was sentenced to 6 months in prison and Catalano got 3 years probation. Luckily they’re back and selling the product as a sex toy but it still works great to pass a urine drug test. It comes in many different colors so find one that matches your skin tone and you’re good.

Have you ever used fake pee to pass a piss test? Well then how do you keep synthetic urine warm? Please take the time to explain your process on how to keep urine fresh for a drug test.

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    What is the best way to pour my sample into the cup without making noise?

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    For anonymous, drizzle it down the side of the cup like you would if your were pouring champagne.

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    Anonymous- real pee makes noise, so it’s okay to make noise when pouring it. Long as it’s the same noise.

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    So my dad is planning on drug testing me but I have no clue when. If he decided to use an at home drug test is it possible for me to not heat it at all and have it work or no?

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    Rubberband the little warmer to the bottle

  9. Bryan Sullivan

    Check out the “Sidekick” portable electronic urine warmer. Its small, accurate, and reliable!! Battery charges with an Android style cable.

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    If I’m sitting in the waiting room with the urine heated with the heat pad on in a sock in my underwear how long to you think it will stay at right temp ?

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    Use a digital electronic warmer from Keeps urine at 98 degrees for 8 hours… No sweat 🙂

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