PCKT One Plus Review: A Sexy 510 Vape Battery That’s as Smart as It Looks

PCKT One Plus Review: A Sexy 510 Vape Battery That's as Smart as It Looks

Pen style vape batteries are hella popular. They’re also hella problematic. They roll right off your desk when you plop ’em down or the dashboard of your car when you make a hairpin turn. They spike a hole in your pocket the second you sit down. Their boring ol’ shape reminds us of something that we’d use to balance a checkbook—not to get stoned. Worse? Some batteries don’t even work with some carts. Luckily before we gave up on these things all together we ran in to the PCKT One Plus battery, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area—just like us. Whew.Save 10% on the PCKT One Plus with code: STUFF10

Most batteries for 510 carts seem super cheaply made. They almost never hold a charge or just don’t work with certain carts like we said. That pisses us off. These compatibility issues are maddening, man. But the premium PCKT battery solves all that. It isn’t all picky like the rest of those loser batteries. It’ll work with any 510 oil cart that you throw at it—whether it has a carb at the top or bottom, if it’s tall, short, fat—whatever. It’ll work. That’s because this mighty little rig houses what’s called a “custom RCKT chip.” This hidden technology allows the user to select different style carts with various ohm coils and the unit’ll work just fine with each of them. What happens is that the RCKT chip immediately analyzes the ohm of the cart’s coil and adjusts to the maximum power mode in 3 different settings. You don’t even have to do a thing. So James Bond, right? It also uses top and bottom airflow cartridges triggering either an air sensor or simple push of a button. You can also buy a purpose-built empty PCKT-made cart and pour in your own errl if you choose.

Okay. What’s really awesome about this thing is that it not only has three power modes—low; putting out 3.7 watts, medium; deploying 4.3 watts of pure vape power and high; releasing a whopping 5.1 jiggawatts of juice to cook your cannabis concentrate—all it takes is just two little clicks of the button to change the power settings. So simple. So sleek. So slick. Wow.

This dope device comes with a couple fancy gold-plated, twist-on magnets for varying sized carts. Let’s see…looks like there’s a 1ml and a .5ml magnet inside the box. Just thread one of these puppies right onto the bottom of your favorite 510 cart, drop it all into the adapter and that’s it. You’re ready to get stoned. One word of caution though. Don’t get so stoned that you toss out that magnet when you’re finished with the cart. Actually go right ahead and get that stoned—just don’t lose the magnet. It’s important. You see you’ll want to keep that thing for another day, like tomorrow when you want to vape some more oil. You know the magnets are designed to last the lifetime of the battery for a reason, right?

Using a gold-plated magnet the PCKT One fits an array of different 510 threaded vape cartridges.

Another super cool bonus feature of the PCKT One Plus is that you can also select either auto-inhale mode where the pen automagically turns on as you inhale. Or you can go with manual fire mode where you press the button once, the device fires for 15 continuous seconds and then shuts off so you’re not stuck holding down the button the whole time that you inhale. Typically most vape pen batteries start up via inhaling or by pushing the button—you don’t get a choice. What’s cool about the PCKT One Plus is that it give you options. Have it your way, man—auto-fire or button tap—it’s all up to you. Who doesn’t appreciate options?

Another really awesome feature? Unlike any vape pen that we’ve used before the PCKT One Plus contains dual batteries for a total of 660mah of power. Two batteries. Not one. TWO. Yep most inferior pens possess only one measly little battery—but the PCKT One Plus—it houses two. Pens with one battery seem to run out of juice all the time—especially when you need them the most like during a boring movie or your lunch break. Having two batteries means having double the battery life. What a luxury, dude. That’s not all though. You can check the charge on the twin batteries by pressing the button once thanks to its onboard smart chip. It sucks guessing whether or not your device is charged, right? So isn’t this a great solution? Here’s the battery breakdown—green indicates baller status—you’re fully charged, ready to rock. Yellow indicates that you’ve got half of the party still left to go, so get in there champ. And red indicates that you’re kinda fucked. Sorry, man the battery is getting low and soon it’ll be game over.

Wait. it’s not game over. That’s because this thing comes with a USB charging cable. It also houses an indicator light to let you know that it’s charging or finished charging. So you’re not sitting there wondering. Bonus? Not only can you use this thing while it’s charging but the PCKT One Plus arrives fully charged so that you don’t even have to wait to use it right after you plunk down your money at the head shop or when it arrives on your doorstep before any plundering porch pirates can get at it.

Green light means GO AHEAD and GET STONED on the PKCT vape battery.

Look and feel
Our test unit looks dope. It’s all matte-black and shit like Kylo Ren’s mask and rocks an engraved logo plus an oval button that lights up like an ol’ Christmas tree. It feels solid and slightly heavy for is size not like it was made out of heavy duty tin foil, or a beer can. It’s also compact—fitting nicely in the pocket, purse or palm of the hand.

The product arrives in some pretty slick packaging too by the way. We’re talking a look and feel like it just got up and walked out of the Apple store. Actually the packaging is cooler than Mac stuff because it’s box is black rather than the color of mayonnaise. Mayo is gross. Anyhow the included instruction manual is super easy to understand—not like that confusing shit you get from Ikea or like it was translated from Klingon, to Minionese and then to English.

Price? Well the PCKT One Plus will set you back $59.95. If that’s ten bucks too much you can get Plus’s li’l bro, PCKT One for only $49.95. He’s the perfect cheap date if you’re not looking for any fancy blinking light features. Both PCKT One bros are available in an array of cool colors—from Avalanche, to Pacific, to Rustic. Our favorite? Black aka Midnight.

How’s it perform?

The Pocket One Plus performed perfectly. Right out of the box it hit hard like Apollo Creed in Rocky I. We test-drove the device with various concentrate carts of varying lengths and widths and were able to get some really mondo-sized vape clouds from each and every one. We fiddled with the power button a little to get the biggest cloud and then backed it off a bit to see if we could get a more flavorful hit on the lowest setting. We were pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference fiddling with shit can make. You can really suit your style with this thing, man—take those low temp hits for maximum flavor or step up the volts for those fat, thick, milky clouds if you prefer. Even on the highest temp setting the vapor that was delivered from the PCKT One Plus never reached scorching hot or even uncomfortable temps. Oh and why wait? The device seemed to heat up almost immediately once engaged.

Bottom line

Unlike the boring, ol’ clunky pen format vape battery the PCKT One Plus is a powerful bad ass. It’s all sleek, stealthy and slick like—the ultimate fusion of style and function. Any 510 threaded oil cartridge tucks right on in to the middle of this thing and performs beautifully. It’s precision CNC-machined from a solid block so it looks and feels both futuristic and fucking dope. Plus it hits hard AF. And the size? Stealthy. Perfect for palming and just the right size for maximum pocket portability. In fact the aptly-named PCKT One Plus just might be our favorite vape battery available right now. Use code “STUFF10” to take 10% off the purchase of a PCKT One Plus right now.

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