Cannabinoid, What The Hell Is That?

Ever heard the terms cannabinoids or cannabinoid receptors? We’re not making ’em up. They’re important and the reason cannabis can be considered medicine…

Kosher Tangie Strain Review

The smell of this Kosher Tangie is insane—one of my favorites—open the jar and instantly fill the room with sweet skunky citrus and tangerine orange smells.

Lemon Crippler Live Resin Review

Mat Lee tests some Lemon Crippler Live Resin with 65.3% THC. It’s from plants grown by Dirty Arm Farm in Ashland Oregon and sold at Cannabend in Bend OR.

Quantum Blue Crumble Review

Mat Lee test drives some Quantum Blue Crumble (Kush crossed with Blue Dream) clocking in with 73.45% THC from the Terpene Station in Eugene Oregon.

Blue Hawaiian Strain Review

This Sativa dominant Blue Hawaiian strain comes from Oregon’s Apollo Grown and was sold at Bend’s Miracle Greens. It was tested at 21.4% THC by ChemHistory.

Zeus Iceborn and Zeus Smite Review

The Zeus Smite is a super cool lowkey portable flower vaporizer that when not in use, looks something like a cell phone battery charger block…but is it stuff stoners like?

Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed

Ever asked can i donate blood if i smoke weed? Well with Wold Blood Day approaching can you donate blood if you smoke weed? Here’s what you need to know.

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

Mat Lee reviews the Dipper—basically a battery powered dab straw akin to the Wasatch Glassworks Nectar Collector. Is it stuff stoners like?

A Beginners Guide to the Best Way to Smoke Weed

Getting stoned can be the best experience of your life or the worst—depending on your state of mind or the state you reside in. So we put together a beginners guide to the best way to smoke weed.

How to Get High, Really, Really High

We asked Mat Lee to wax poetic on how to get high. We’re not talking about hand-holding. This is about how to get high as fuck from weed. Proceed w/caution.

How Does It Feel To Be High?

How to get high? Ever wondered how does it feel to be high? You’ll relate to Mat Lee’s focus this week—detaiingl getting high for the very 1st time.

Marijuana’s Positive Effects

When it comes to the benefits of marijuana there are almost too many to list. Almost. So we asked Mat Lee to research marijuana’s positive effects.

Is President Trump Coming for Your Weed?

What’s going to happen to legal weed under Trump? Will recreational weed exist in the near future? What about the fate of medical pot? We asked rock star pot journalist Angela Bacca to investigate.

What To Do With Weed Stems

If you’ve smoked pot you’re probably familiar with removing twigs and stems. But have you Ever wondered what to do with weed stems to put ’em to good use?

What is the Most Expensive Weed?

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home, stoned on the couch, and thinking…. I wonder what the most expensive weed is? We asked Mat to give us insight…

What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD oil? The simple answer is oil made from CBD or cannabidiol, a cannabinoid like THC or the popular ingredient in marijuana that gets users high…

4 Key Facts About Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol aka CBD is found in abundance contained in hemp and marijuana plants and it is quickly gaining in popularity. How familiar are you with CBD?