About Stuff Stoners Like

As the marijuana movement continues to progress Stuff Stoners Like exists to document the culture both past and present. We strive daily to report its changes, transgressions and progressions with passion, sincerity and above all honesty. To give back to the community we adore, Stuff Stoners Like also actively participates in changing current marijuana laws. Through this we have come to value:

  • Honesty over Lies
  • Acceptance over Fear
  • Accountability over Passing the Buck
  • Healing over Profit

Our goal is to continue as taste-makers, provide our readers with the latest unbiased news, reviews and commentary on the happenings in and around the industry including innovations, events and services. We also aim to inform the masses of the latest in pot politics—and how to get involved in them. We firmly believe that all adults should have the freedom to make their own choices about plant medicine especially cannabis. Our site is a work in progress meant to encourage interaction. Please join us.

About SSL’s Creator

With 25 years of advertising/marketing experience Erik Sinclair is a digital media expert, successful content strategist, copywriter and cannabis taste-maker. He founded stuffstonerslike.com (dba SSL Media) to focus on the burgeoning cannabis legalization movement in 2007. In addition to working in cannabis Sinclair has spent the last couple decades writing for popular print magazines as a freelancer and creating successful ad campaigns for the likes of Toms Shoes, Juniper Networks, Polycom, and many more while employed at boutique ad agencies in the SF/Oakland Bay Area.

Sinclair has worked to legalize cannabis for the last 18 years—organizing activists groups, crafting messaging, magnifying luminaries, managing budding writers and inspiring myriad marijuana enthusiasts worlwide. He and stuffstonerslike.com have been mentioned on sites like The Dope-Smoker, to Alternet, to The Wall Street Journal and has given dozens of interviews from the Sac Bee to, FOX News, to respected marijuana publications, to local radio, is a frequent speaker nationwide, a panelist at several High Times Cannabis Cups and other industry events and guest judge at cannabis contests across the nation including the Oakland Cup, High Times Cannabis Cup and the All Hawaiian Invitational. He created the viral-trending Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like and is currently in contract for his first book to be published on Ed Rosenthal’s Quick American company.

Stuff Stoners Like has been featured or mentioned in every well-known marijuana magazine, blog, podcast and TV show as well as respected mainstream publications like the New York Times, SF Chronicle, East Bay Express and the Wall Street Journal. Sinclair’s Twitter feed was voted one of the top weed feeds by the the SF Gate.com and the site’s FB page voted among the best by ilovegrowingmarijuana.com.

Unless otherwise noted the content on stuffstonerslike.com was written by Sinclair. However we have worked with and published content written by several paid and unpaid writers and guests. The name of each author responsible for a page’s content as well as the date it was created or updated is listed on each page. Questions about content or the website should be directed to stuff@stuffstonerslike.com. Or contact us via snail mail at 301 Clay Street #71142 Oakland, CA 94612.