So you’ve pro’lly seen these things on our blog or saw someone tweet us a pic wearing one or maybe you spied one somewhere on the interwebs and you’re wondering how to get one? Well now is your chance because we fucked up and made a few too many! So yeah, we’ve got a few extra STUFF STONERS LIKE SHIRTS left from the last run and wanna get rid of ’em before we start taking more orders. Each shirt features a “HIDDEN JOINT” on the inside…






The dudes are straight up classic t-shirts and the women shirts have a v-neck and are fitted, but not all baby doll like…so the shirt’ll flatter your shape like yer new boyfriend but not cling to your ass like the one you just had to dump.

What we have available are:
Women’s S
Women’s M
Men’s M
Men’s 4XL
Men’s XL

Price: $20.00
S&H: $5.00
Interested? Contact us: