Feminized Seeds Explained

When it comes to marijuana seeds they come in male, female and feminized seed. So what’s the big difference? Grab a joint and we’ll tell ya, stoner…

Curing Cannabis Properly

What’s curing cannabis and why do you need to do it? We explain the importance of drying and curing cannabis so that you don’t waste your time or weed

Cloning Cannabis 101

Cloning weed is easy, dude as long as you understand the basics. Get the best practices to cloning cannabis from our buds at UpTownGrowLabs in this video

Master Kush is Stuff Stoners Like

UpTownGrowLab sent a review of the legendary Master Kush strain—which clocked in at 24 on our list of the most popular strains on Leafly…

LED Grow Light Tips

Did you take the plunge and invest in an LED grow light set-up to grow WEED? Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your new high-tech setup…

Sexing Marijuana Plants

Want to grow marijuana plants that’ll produce some really dank weed? You’ll need to master how to identify male and female marijuana plants though…

How to Grow Weed 101

Growing weed is fun. Growing cannabis is also rewarding and can save you lots of money. C’mon dude—let us teach you how to grow…

How long does it take to grow weed?

Our buds from UptownGrowlab answer their 2 most common questions: How long does it take to grow weed & how long does it take to grow weed indoors?

How to Grow A Healthy Weed Plant

If you’re interested in beginning your cannabis cultivation career it’s best to begin with a healthy weed plant started from seed…

Closet Grow Room Building 101

Our buds from UpTownGrowLab detail how to build a closet grow room using stuff you’ve probably got lying around right now…

Topping Cannabis

When it comes time to grow your own WEED these topping techniques can be critical to the success of your entire operation

Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Growing Weed

A grower recently asked us about the Fox Farm line. In particular he wanted our take on using Foxfarm Ocean Forest Soil for growing six pot plants indoors.

How to Make Bubble Hash

Looking to make some fine-grade hash without using explosive chemicals? Our buds Jay and Tweezy discuss how to make bubble hash

Marijuana Leaf Tucking Method

Autoflowering strains are slightly different to grow and have their own little secrets. We reveal everything you need to know to be successful…

Growing Marijuana 101

There are many things you need to consider while starting out— from selecting a medium to choosing equipment to maximize space…

Slow Growing Marijuana Plant Advice

To answer all your cultivation questions we’ve teamed-up with experts Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy, authors of The Kitchen presented by Uptowngrowlab…

Moving Cannabis Plants During Flowering

There are many things that can’t be avoided when it comes to growing cannabis and moving while your plants are flowering is one of them. Here’s what you need to know to pull it off…

Germinating Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Germinating Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds require an approach that differs from how regular seeds are often sprouted. Make sure not to miss how to care for their first critical 48 hours…

Germinating Cannabis Seeds In A Cup of Water

Matt Mernagh claims his buds are shocked and accuse him of lying when he tells them about this simple, foolproof method for germinating cannabis seeds, even autoflowering beans…

Marijuana Leaves Curling Up?

There are a number of reasons why your marijuana leaves curl up—from mineral and nutrient deficiencies to plants being too close to the light, read more to learn what to do…

Maintaining the Dust Shroom Air Intake Filter

The Horti-Control Dust Shrooms are air filtering caps for intake fans that keep mold, dust and harmful bacteria out of gardens, air-cooled reflectors and in-line fans. They look pretty dope, but you’ve got to maintain ’em. Here’s how…

How to Top Cannabis

There are many different methods to topping, but we recommend topping plants started from seed. Marijuana plants that are started from seed seem have more vigor and seem to be stronger. Plus you don’t want to ever re-top clones…

What Nutrients to Use In EZ Clone Machines

We’re mainly advocates for plain water. There are many different ways to do it, however. But whatever you do, keep it simple stupid. That’s the simplest way we can say it. Don’t overdo it because those clones are little guys and they need to be able to breathe…

How to Cure Weed

When it comes to curing weed it’s all about when you take it off that line, man. Make sure your weed’s dry enough to manicure and go straight to that jar stage—that’s the key.

How to Transplant Flowering Cannabis Plants

Have pot plants that are flowering and need to move ’em? Well, here’s what you need to do, man—now generally we wouldn’t do it – but two weeks is about the last possible time you should even think about it…

What are the Best Soil Amendments for Cannabis?

What are the Best Soil Amendments for Cannabis? QUESTION: I keep hearing about adding vitamins and other supplements to my soil-grown marijuana plants. Can you tell me what they are, how to use ’em and when to add them? Jay … Continued

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites

How Get Rid of Spider Mites QUESTION: I’m about 2 weeks from harvesting and have a question, how do I get rid of spider mites? I mean I have a full-on spider mite explosion. I didn’t want to spray the … Continued

How to Flush Marijuana Plants Grown in Soil

How to Flush Marijuana Plants Grown in Soil QUESTION: I just switched from hydro growing to using SubCool’s SuperSoil as the base and some roots organic for the rest. I’m used to thoroughly flushing my hydro plants with water right … Continued

How to Water Marijuana Seedlings

How to Water Marijuana Seedlings QUESTION: I just sprouted a couple seeds and planted them in some potting soil. What’s the best way to know if I’m over watering them or not? Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: We’ll tell you … Continued

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

What Are Autoflowering Seeds? What are autoflowering seeds, you ask? Man, if there’s one question we get about marijuana seeds it’s “what are autoflowering seeds.” Well dude, well tell ya. Autoflowering seeds are marijuana seeds that do exactly what their … Continued

Autoflowering Marijuana Strains —Why I Love To Grow Them

Meet Matt Mernagh, our newest columnist. Mernagh’s a longtime activist, cultivation expert, author of Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains and the host of The Mernahuana Zone a weekly show broadcast from Vapor Central—a … Continued