Americans for Safe Access: Sessions Confirmation as AG Threatens Future of Medical Cannabis

jeff-sessions-weed-haterASA: Sessions Threatens Future of Medical Cannabis

Our buds from the activist group, Americans For Safe Access just sent us this alarming statement from their Executive Director Steph Sherer on the expected confirmation of weed-hating Jeff Sessions as Attorney General:

“The confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General would be a five-alarm threat to the more than 2 million medical cannabis patients and 44 state medical cannabis programs across the country. Sessions is an outspoken opponent of medical cannabis – and based off his testimony before the Senate, shows no signs of softening his position. As Attorney General, Sessions would have the exclusive authority to take direct action against medical cannabis patients and programs – something deeply concerning for patients who rely on cannabis treatment.

“Americans for Safe Access calls on President Trump to stand by his campaign pledge to support medical cannabis programs and direct his Attorney General to not use federal funds to take action against any medical cannabis patients or programs.

“Congress must also act and re-authorize the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which protects state medical cannabis programs from federal interference. Only Congress can prevent the Attorney General from targeting medical cannabis patients and programs, and until Congress enacts legislation that permanently ends the conflict between state and federal cannabis laws, millions of patients across the country will be in jeopardy.”

How you you think Jeff Sessions will handle medical marijuana going forward? What do you think we can or should do I he does begin to attack the rights of medical marijuana patients? Let us know in the comments section below.

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