Beat a Hair Drug Test by DIY Detoxing

Hair Drug TestBeat a hair drug test

Follow one of these two popular procedures and you’ll have no problem beating that despicable hair follicle drug test.

Sometimes a hair drug test is all that stands between a stoner and his or her dream job. Well that and the outrageous prices of a hair follicle detox shampoo and a home hair follicle drug test. Have no fear though because we’ve done the research on two procedures that seem to be highly effective when it comes to beating a hair follicle drug test. If you need general information check out our info-packed post how to pass a drug test. It’s got everything you need to know to beating a hair, blood, urine or mouth swab drug test.

We’re not going to get too deep on the history of the hair follicle test or cover all the expensive hair drug test shampoos on the market. The following two test use a couple products that are easy to score on Amazon. For a deeper dive check out our post How to Pass a Hair Drug Test it has everything you need to know.

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What is a hair follicle test?

A hair follicle drug test is designed to detect heavy long-term drug users. Sure most employers aren’t sreening for LSD, shrooms, mescaline, peyote or hydrocodone drugs like oxycodone, vicodin, AN627 or Watson 3202. And unless you play pro football or run Olympic track drug testers aren’t looking for anabolic steroids—they’re looking for Marijuana. Actually they’re looking for the metabolites your body makes when you smoke weed.

How long does weed stay in your hair? THC traces tend to appear about 5 days after you smoke weed. They remain in your hair until you cut it. What’s worse is that a hair follicle test can be performed using hair from anywhere on your body—even pubes.

You could of course shave your head and your entire body including your eyebrows. Or you could try these two home remedies; the Jerry G method or the Macujo/Growman method. Like using a hair follicle detox shampoo, these home treatments will strip THC metabolites from your hair and help you pass a hair drug test. Both processes rely on harsh chemicals, but many people have claimed they work including this dude,  this dude, this dude and this dude.  However they’re hard on your hair and slightly dangerous. So be careful.

One thing you should consider, however, is purchasing a home hair follicle drug test kits like Hair Confirm, or Psychemedics PDT90. That way you can treat your hair using one of these two methods and test to see if it worked. If it didn’t? Try washing your hair a few more times then test it again. Testing yourself before you actually get a hair drug test is the only way to really know if you’ll pass. Why leave shit up to chance?

pass a hair drug testPass a hair drug test method 1

The first home detox remedy is called the Jerry G method. In 2008 “Jerry_G” posted a thread on saying a new bleach-and-clean method he tried was “90% effective” at beating the hair follicle drug test. He says it works because bleaching opens the hair cuticles making the metabolites easier to clean. Many people have backed Jerry’s claim that this is one of – if not the – most effective way to strip THC metabolites out of your hair. The process is simple—bleach and re-dye your hair, twice. However repetitive bleaching destroys your hair. And unfortunately many stoners have to cut their hair after this procedure.

What you will need:

What you will need to do:

  1. Stop smoking weed then bleach your hair following the directions on the package
  2. Dye your hair back to it’s original color following the directions on the package
  3. Don’t smoke weed for ten days and repeat. If you have little or no time do this as close to the test date as possible
  4. On the day of the test make a thick paste with baking soda paste and water and massage it into your hair
  5. Following the directions on the box treat your hair with the SynergyDetox Toxin Wash shampoo followed by a full Zydot Shampoo treatment.
  6. Perform a hair follicle test on yourself using Hair Confirm, or Psychemedics PDT90 and repeat the five steps above if needed.
t kid has lots a hair follicles
Vice’s Marijuana Guru T. Kid has a lot of hair to detox and a Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like poster

Pass a hair drug test method 2

The second method is called the Macujo/Growman procedure. It’s a little less harsh on your hair, it’ll cost you a bit more becausae it uses more expensive products. But it’s also considered the most effective way to beat a hair follicle test  The Macujo procedure was first posted on in the early 2000s. However in ‘07 a user named Growman talked about his success using the Macujo method and it quickly gained a ton popularity. Apparently the Macujo/Growman method is the most frequently discussed THC home remedy on forums and social networks like Reddit/trees.

The Macujo process deep-cleans your hair using Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo  (the old formula that uses propylene glycol); acetic acid (vinegar); salicylic acid shampoo; and laundry detergent. The method works for many people but it’s obviously hard on your hair and may chemically irritate your scalp.

What you will need:

What you will need to do:
Follow the cleaning procedure detailed below at least 5 times over the 3 days prior to your hair drug test. Choose a deep sink where you can rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.

  1. Stop smoking weed
  2. Put on your goggles and wet your hair thoroughly with warm water
  3. Hold your breath and massage the vinegar it into your hair all the way down to the scalp
  4. Massage the salicylic acid shampoointo your hair then wipe and clean all exposed skin—especially your ears, eyebrows and forehead
  5. Put on a shower cap and rock that shit for 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the shower cap and rinse your hair thoroughly
  7. Wash your hair twice with the Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo making sure to rinse thoroughly in between
  8. Massage a very small amount of Tide into your hair and rinse using lots of warm water to rinse until your shit’s squeaky clean

This procedure is hard on your hair and will remove all essential oils. You may want to follow with a conditioner but wait at least an hour.

That’s how to how to pass a hair follicle test. Be careful, don’t burn your eyes or your skin—just take your time. Good luck on that test, dude. If you picked up any of the detox products above please let us know how you liked them in the comments below also let us know if you have any suggestions or advice on passing a hair drug test in the comments below.

9 Responses to “Beat a Hair Drug Test by DIY Detoxing”

  1. Anonymous

    Do not condition!! Wait until after the test!! Conditioner seals in an left over contaminants and makes it impossible to get the rest of the toxins out of the hair follicle!!!

  2. dspot

    Would tide, clean and clear skin toner deep cleanse, and small amount of tide work then wash with some nioxin 1 shampoo work…..

  3. Lola King

    I have a medicinal marijuana card due to severe anxiety /PTSD. Due to domestic violence of 14 years. I am going for my hair test on my own mon. 8/14. I started washing w/ nexus aloe rid ( old formula) on 8/5 and did leave the vinegar /clean &clear on all night. I bought 3 shower caps and it was a good choice to save face from burn. Def use barrier on forehead or risk marking of slight burn. It is now 8/13. I will admit from the 11th-12th I did not have time to do this so I didn’t shower. It is time consuming and the sink is not the best way to go ~ use a shower w/ a robe or sundress and go in / out of shower otherwise back gets sore leaning into sink.
    Anyways tomorrow I’m praying my zydeco wash comes in ( Amazon is least expensive. ). I bought two from 2 different vendors to see if there’s a difference. I am a daily user but not in front of my boys although they are aware of my prescription because I feel alcohol and/ or opiates for pain is way worse. Anyways due to lack of wanting to pay child support my ex has called child protective services. Unfortunately he did not think it thru. The false claims he made put him in the line of fire of Dcf/CPS as well SO my boys who are my world ages 12/15 who know nothing but me as mom & dad could potentially go to foster care because I’m dirty with MJ and I’ve def whooped it up a bit a couple times on other things when I was out with my friends a few times. NEVER around my boys. BUT I’m at risk of losing my kids because I refused to cooperate and be revictimized by Dcf for the 3rd time due to domestic violence. Once I was questioned a month after abuser was incarcerated and they left a voice mail ( I record everything as well). But the DCF worker left message asking to CHECK MY kids for BRUISES !!! As if I as victim turned around and hit my kids. They are the most corrupt dept I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe the power the intimidate people with. Anyways.. I’m going to color my roots as its needed anyways using an alcohol based color then tomorrow so the zydeco or possible Monday which is 2 days away THEN take my test. Wish me luck and please pray for my family. Yes I regret “whooping” it up more then I should of and it was a wake up call. But I am the best mom who revolves most of my life around my kids.

  4. abc

    Dspot – how’d yours turn out? I’m in that boat…

  5. Super mario

    Lola King…did you pass with that method?

  6. dspot

    Nope didn’t pass took two and half weeks to get my results. Got call then was not good news. Did the vinegar and clean and clear and tide and followed everything still did not pass . So smoked phat bowl……

  7. Kate

    I might have to have a hair strand test for alcohol, would this work for that?

  8. On the verge

    Does anything actually works, im freaking out!!!!!

  9. Her Highness

    The Jerry G Man Method posted in this Wiki How article on how to pass a hair follicle drug test , wiki , helped me pass my preemployment drug screen. Before my job interview I vaped or smoked marijuana on average 2-4 times a month for years. I used Sub Solution for my urine test, but the results came back as invalid. I wrote a negative review on where I bought it and it was never posted. I’m skeptical of all the 5 star reviews on that website. It’s at the employers discretion if they’re willing offer you another chance to pass the drug test if the first test results are inconclusive. Fortunately mine did, but it had to be a hair test. With only two days before my test was due, I washed my hair 6 times following the G Man method plus I bleached my hair slightly with a homemade mixture of equal parts 3% hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and baking soda. In addition, although Sub Solution didn’t work for me, I ordered the Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo from because I didn’t know where else to look and needed overnight shipping ASAP. The day of the test I did the G Man Method one last time and used Clear Choice HFS before going over to the clinic. The medical assistant cut a huge chunk of hair from the root at the back of my head. I wasn’t too worried since I knew that was the area where she’d most likely cut and I had concentrated most of the detox stuff there. I was pleased to see how light my roots were after my home bleach job. I felt confident I would pass. Sure enough, 3 days later I was picking up my new hire welcome folder from my dream job. Scrambling to find a solution to pass the drug test was extremely stressful, pricey, and not to mention it took multiple deep conditioning treatments undo the damage caused to my hair and scalp. This method works if your hands are tied, but I hope I never have to do it again. I wouldn’t say I quit weed, but to protect my job I’m going to stay clean for a while. Hopefully the day it’s as federally legal as alcohol and tobacco products isn’t much further away. Good luck to my fellow stoners who are good, competent people who just so happen to love weed and need jobs with a livable wage and benefits like everyone else.

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