Best Way To Heat A Nail For A Dab

Best Way To Heat A Nail For A Dab
Let Dear Dabby Explain the Best Way To Heat A Nail For A Dab

Question: Dear Dabby, When you torch or ‘gun’ the nail to take a dab, is it better to do so from the side, or from the top so it heats the nail evenly? I’ve always done it from the side because that’s how I learned. But I don’t see why you couldn’t heat it from the top.

Dabby: When it comes to dabbing, I think it’s best to heat it from the bottom, like an e-nail does. Here’s why.  A melting solid will travel in the direction of the heat source, like solder. Heating the nail from the bottom means that the path of travel is well heated to the appropriate vaping temp. When the product on the stone finally melts it flows into the hottest part of the stone and vapes, INSTEAD of getting cold again and turning into reclaim. That is one reason why an e-nail is the best.

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