Bloom Farms And Magnolia Wellness Help Fire-Ravaged Californians

burned marijuanaBloom Farms & Magnolia Wellness Raise $25k For Fire Survivors

Remember last year’s Valley and Butte fires in CA? The not only destroyed many pot farms and filled many more with toxins and ash they were two of the most destructive blazes in California history and were declared federal disasters by President Obama. To keep the disaster at top of mind and to continue to deliver resources to the people in rural Calaveras County that still need help our buds at Bloom Farms, a San Francisco based medical cannabis company, partnered with Magnolia Wellness, a local Oakland-based dispensary to raise $25,000 recently. On Friday, March 4, 2016, Bloom Farms Director Michael Ray made the donation at The Resource Connection in San Andreas to the following organizations focused on post-event recovery and supporting affiliated local nonprofits:

  • Mountain Ranch Fire Relief Fund ($10,000 to support individual and emergency family needs)
  • CalaverasGROWN ($5,000 to support soil erosion prevention efforts)
  • Mountain Ranch Resource Center ($5,000 to support local community feeding program)
  • The Resource Connection ($5,000 to support countywide food insecurity efforts)
Burned marijuana farm from the Calaveras County Butte Fire

Michael Ray is the Director of Bloom Farms with over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry. “All of us at Bloom Farms are committed to corporate social responsibility and giving something amazing back. I grew up in Calaveras County and we lost our family home like so many others. Helping our neighbors feels like the right thing to do,” stated Ray. “Over time, my family will rebuild the farm and I hope this support will, in some small way, help our neighbors do so too.” Ray wrote a moving article about losing his family home for Cannabis Business Times called, “Out of the Ashes.”

“Magnolia Wellness supports Bloom Farms efforts to help the Calaveras County community recover from the devastating fire, which affected so many kind people,” said Debby Goldsberry, Executive Director for Magnolia Wellness. “Our cannabis community is strongly united around supporting the efforts of all Californians, as we create sustainability and stand together to rebuild.”

“The Mountain Ranch Fire Relief Fund wishes to thank Bloom Farms and Magnolia Wellness for their generous contribution to our efforts to support victims of the Butte Fire and aid in the renewal of our devastated community,” said Mountain Ranch Fire Relief Fund’s Jim Pesout. “This donation will go a long way toward helping us distribute food, gasoline, propane, firewood, power poles, water tanks, and the huge array of material needs for people trying to survive and get their lives back together. The donation will not only assist our efforts but in the long run save lives destroyed by this fire.”

The Bloom Farms generosity keeps on going. They invited us to their Industry Night Budtender Bash a couple weeks back. It was here in Oakland, headlined by Zion I and was freakin’ awesome. The Bloom Farms dudes not only treated everyone to killer music and a killer venue to kick it, they kicked down vape pens and free dabs to all attendees. And they had free booze flowing too. Talk about giving back to the community, man.

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