Lung Health Expert Announces Marijuana Does NOT Cause Lung Cancer

smoking weed and lungsThe leading worldwide expert on lung health announced that marijuana does not cause lung cancer in his study on the effects of cannabis and the lungs. In fact,  Donald P. Tashkin, M.D, Professor of Medicine, Medical Director of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Geffen School of Medicine, thinks it’s about time to legalize marijuana. Yep the guy the opposition has paid for the last 30 years to slag weed thinks marijuana should be legalized. Oh, by the way…he’s just as  surprised by the results of the study, which finally demonstrates once and for all that there is no statistical link between pot and lung cancer, as you are.

“What we found instead was no association between cancer and smoking marijuana  and even some suggestion of a protective effect, “ says Tashkin.

What? So not only does marijuana NOT cause lung cancer it will actually reduce the risk of lung cancer? YEP! See the video below for yourself.

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    marijuana is not a drug

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