In Honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day Stuff Stoners Like is Giving Away Weed

“Most people think, great god will come from the skies, take away everything and make everybody feel high. But if you know what life is worth, You will look for yours on EARTH! And now you see the light, you stand up for your rights!” -B Marley

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. You can plant a tree, ride your bike to work instead of driving, etc. But all that’s so ordinary, so in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day  Stuff Stoners Like are going to plant marijuana…and then give all of it away. We’re happy to announce our 2nd Annual Stuff Stoners Like Earth Day Weed Give-A-Way.

For the second year in a row we’re honoring all of our friends in the marijuana community–especially those people who read our blog and follow us closely on twitter, by planting medical marijuana plants, raising them to fruition and donating all the meds to those who can’t afford it. We’re planting two very rare and absolutely beautiful 100% sativa Kananga plants. In honor of our readers, followers, and friends, all of the cannabis will be donated to The Harboside Health Center in Oakland California where it’ll be given out to patients who can’t afford their medicine.

“Sure, we’d be happy to help. We have programs in place for patients in need,” says Steve DeAngelo, the Executive Director of the Harboside, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the nation. Already on the forefront of the medical marijuana industry, it is DeAngelo’s hope to create a responsible, compassionate system for distributing marijuana. “It’s not that people aren’t okay with marijuana as medicine, it’s the buying and selling of marijuana that makes people uncomfortable,” he says. By creating the Harboside with it’s atmosphere of compassion and trust, DeAngelo has shown that marijuana can be bought and sold just as safely as any other product.

“We provide weekly care packages to patients unable to afford their medicine, and this donation will help in that effort,” says Deangelo.

Along with the compassionate Care Program the Harborside also offers a patient activist resource center (get active and get free weed), a large marijuana resource library, a rewards card program, a batch of wonderful holistic services and so much more. It gives us great pride to be partnering with such a special organization. We hope more people take advantage of these services and we can’t wait for patients to smoke our weed! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

And, Happy Earth Day 2010 from Stuff Stoners Like!

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