Agents Seize $2.6 Million Worth of Christmas Bongs

Not all of us want a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas! If you’re expecting Santa to leave a new bong under your Christmas tree this year…you might be disappointed. And, it won’t be Saint Nick’s fault but rather the fault of buzzkilling customs officials at the Los Angeles Harbor who intercepted 316,000 bongs and pipes from China listed as “Christmas Presents”.

“They’re very colorful and big,” said the Grinch Cristina Gamez, a spokeswoman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection whose heart is 2-sizes too small. “Some of them are like 2 feet tall.”

Gamez the Grinch went on saying the fuzz nabbed nearly 860 boxes of cargo worth about $2.6 million and said the investigation is still pending and no arrests have been made.

What’s going to happen to the precious cargo since it’s illegal to import, export, or sell “drug” paraphernalia in the USA? Of course it will all be happily destroyed.

2 Responses to “Agents Seize $2.6 Million Worth of Christmas Bongs”

  1. matt

    How can the government seize pieces if they are new. If they have no marijuana resin or residue, they are legal. Or so i thought….

  2. Anonymous

    I do not understand this word “bong”. Clearly they are tobacco water pipes, am I not mistaken?

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