Attorney General Dismisses Marijuana Question Complaint

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has rejected a complaint by backers of a pro-marijuana ballot question against the state’s 11 district attorneys.

The Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy filed the complaint against the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association saying that they created false information about the question.

The committee points out a statement on the District Attorneys Association web site that says if the question is approved “any person may carry and use marijuana at any time.” Wouldn’t that be nice?

If the question passed, possession of marijuana would still not be legal and those found carrying or using marijuana would face up to a $100 fine.

Coakley’s office said there’s nothing in the proposed law that explicitly forbids public use of the drug.

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  1. scott

    here in vegas you have to go to DHS with your medical records & pay almost $1000 to get your damn card. Cali I got a card right at the dispensary, paid the Dr. $150 got a store card(Not the state issued) but now I can go there anytime NO Hassles

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