BREAKING NEWS–Bay Area Medical Cannabis Dispensary Forced to Close

elephantchains_6807There’s an underwater tunnel that connects California’s famed Oaksterdam and the ex-Naval base of Alameda, where the business with the most business on the street, the Purple Elephant canabis dispensary is set to close.

Since U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s vow in February that the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana clubs that are established legally under state law, cities have had to get creative in their eradication efforts. Last week Alameda’s oppressive City Council upheld a decision to revoke the law-abiding club’s business license on grounds that the owner, Luke Coleman, misled them when he described his dispensary as “miscellaneous retail” on the application—-the same description of all the other marijuana dispensaries in California.

purpleweedAt a recent counsel meeting local failing jealous competing business owners admitted there was absolutely no increase in crime since the dispensary opened, but also admitted  they were proud to take a Not In My Back Yard stance. “We are the first ones to say we are all being NIMBYs. We don’t want this on our street,” Kathy Moehring, executive director of the West Alameda Business Association, said.

Well, the Supreme Court of the United States of America recently reminded the city of San Diego that marijuana dispensaries are exactly what they will get in their backyards whether they like it or not!

For now, the Purple Elephant will basically stay open as Coleman and his lawyer await their day in court or authorities put locks on the doors.

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  1. Growing Cannabis

    I read your complete news about bay area medical Cannabis dispensary forced to close, its nice information i got and now i am going to share this my all friends.

  2. Vincent

    sweet can they have a dispensary in middleberry  vt cause there is people like me who have major anxiety disorders and people with cancer, eating disorders. i have know there have been a lot a drugs going around the world but GOD DAMN IT marijuana is a herb used for social and medical expertise from “pot heads” as society excused from the government wtf kinda of shit is this world coming to. And here is another thing if god didnt want us to enjoy or cultures around the world with different cultural medical perspectives and to live our lives as happy as we can then …… oooowww yeah i forgot isnt  sinning stupid ass societies against other peoples free will and medical preferences. And what is it with some cops not menching any names in Vergennes vt that smoke weed, arrest us?????? and they call then selves cops wtf this is blasphemous. sure push and point at us “pot heads but let me tell you web sites like this can make people unight us and stand up for our “liberties” so thank you for listening .

    sincerely major pot head 
    Vincent David Roman IV from Vergennes vt

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