BREAKING NEWS–CA Senator Barbara Boxer Says NO to Legalizing Weed

Liberal California Senator Barbara Boxer is against legalizing weed in California. Her campaign manager, Rose Kapolczynski, has said the senator opposes a California ballot measure that seeks to legalize and tax marijuana.

“Senator Boxer does not support this initiative because she shares the concerns of police chiefs, sheriffs and other law enforcement officials that this measure could lead to an increase in crime, vehicle accidents and higher costs for local law enforcement agencies,” Kapolczynski said. “She supports current law in California, which allows for the use of medicinal marijuana with a doctor’s prescription.”

Boxer’s six-year Senate run comes to an end this year and she’s looking to get reelected in what is probably the toughest reelection race of her career…despite alienating about 56% of the population that supports legalizing weed.

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