BREAKING NEWS–Escondido CA Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

medical-marijuana-logoThe City Council in Escondido California voted 4-0 to adopt an urgency ordinance that places a 45-day moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries effectively keeping medicine out of the hands of those who need it. To further stand in the way of progress the council can extend the moratorium up to a year and then pass another yearlong ordinance after that if they’d like.

Councilman Dick Daniels said “I’m not going to support (marijuana dispensaries) under any conditions,” and added that “any benefits would be outweighed by the problems it would cause.”

Who knows what those “problems” could be, but we know they certainly don’t include any DEA intervention since U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder  said DEA raids would no longer continue, and that an end to such raids is “now U.S. policy.”

For now, put Escondido in the category along with the other 111 hold-out California cities that have bans on medical marijuana dispensaries.

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  1. Anonymous

    As we all know SB109 passed on Tuesday setting regulations for younger patients and doctors. Thursday in the state capital our senate committee will take public comment so please get out and exercise your free speech if you can on Thursday.

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