BREAKING NEWS — Governator Terminates Pot Bill

[digg=]Get this California Governor Arnold  “Governator” Schwarzenegger just vetoed a bill that would have protected medical marijuana users from being fired for testing positive for using pot.

Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-SF) wrote up a bill, AB 2279, that would have overturned a January CA Supreme Court ruling that allowed asshole employers to fire or punish employees who legally use medical marijuana under state law!

Here’s how the rhetoric breaks down: In January the Supreme Court held that the state’s Compassionate Use Act did exempt patients and caregivers from being prosecuted by the state, but was not intended to stop employers from firing workers for violating federal drug laws.

In his veto message Governator says, “I am concerned with interference in employment decisions as they relate to marijuana use. Employment protection was not a goal of the initiative as passed by voters in 1996.”

The goal of the proposition in the first place was to treat medical pot like any other legal pharmaceutical drugs.  So why is it OK to fire someone for using medicine? It looks like the Governator thinks that those in favor of the proposition intended that only medical marijuana patients who are unemployed could make use of the law.

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