BREAKING NEWS–Governor Schwarzenegger to Address Legalization on Digg

schwarzenegger_smoking_joint11As you might remember California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said back on Cinco de Mayo during a news conference that “it’s time for debate” on the issue of legalizing marijuana. Well, time has come today, Wednesday, May 27…and that debate should be happening around 2pm PDT. The big news aggregator Digg has been accepting questions for a “Dialogg” that CNN will host with the Governor live.

Out of a total of 2300 questions and counting, submitted by Digg users, guess what the number one question was? “What is your stance on the legalization, cultivation and regulation of marijuana in the state of California?”

No, that would be number two. “What the fuck were you thinking in this photoactually has the pole position. Really? Yes, really.

SPOILER ALERT: Governor Schwarzenegger’s response to the legalization question: “I like the law that we have in place. I don’t believe in legalizing marijuana, but I’m always open to debate”. Then he went on again to mirror his last comment on the issue and say that he’d like to see studies of how other countries approached legalization. “I think it will be interesting to see the information available of how countries are doing that legalize marijuana.” Blah blah blah… Nothing new to see here folks, move along (sigh). Don’t believe us? No, problem…watch the video below if you want.

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  1. Mesila

    Ack, I WAS just listening to that jack off right now, and was fuming! Man that was so disappointing.

    Why do these jerks feel they have to play nice 100 percent of the time to the anti-drug contingency?

    Now, every time Arnold blathers about that Libertarianesque stuff like “government should leave people alone” I think, if you really believe this, WHY do you say you LIKE the pot laws?

    I am believing more and more that there’s a separate constitution followed by the Global Elite, of which he counts as one, and in that Constitution, it’s carved in stone that THERE WILL ALWAYS be DRUG PROHIBITION no matter what! Why? Because of the money, duh. The price of drugs is SO much higher in the black market and the cabals and cartels must have enough clout to ensure they keep the world’s governments doing exactly what will help THEM and not US.

    People have to start massive, concentrated and continuous cannabis planting projects. Turn the “weed” into something that saturates the land from coast to coast. Make enforcement a lost cause, or help it to be.

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