BREAKING NEWS–Grandmother Sees Jesus on Brick of Hash

Behold the awesome power of weed! When Mary Jo Hein saw Jesus Christ on a brick of hash, she nearly fainted. No, not because of her medical condition, she suffers with MS, but because she felt she had been graced by the touch of God.

Hein is a medical cannabis patient from Emeryville California, and has been smoking hash for a number of years to treat her conditions associated with MS. When seeing the image her first instinct was NOT to alert the media or make a big deal about the miracle. She did not want to invite critics or doubters of what she felt was a clear sign that Jesus was looking after her and in full support of using medical marijuana to treat her condition.

To me, it was something miraculous,” Hein, 65, said. “God smiled on me that day, but I’m afraid those who do not like marijuana will judge me and call me a sinner because I smoke it. It’s such a tragedy not to be able to share this with the world without fear of becoming a pariah.”

The image of Jesus has a history of unexpected appearances, from pieces of toast and windows to medical x-rays and buckets of pizza sauce. Add to that a brick of Moroccan hashish. Hash or Hashish is a preparation of cannabis composed of the compressed resin glands, trichomes, collected from the marijuana plant. It contains the same active ingredients but in higher concentrations than other parts of the plant such as the buds or the leaves.

Hein was at home with her granddaughter, a 23-year-old medical marijuana patient and single mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, when they both unwrapped the brick of hash while having a conversation about the difficulties of raising a child as a single parent.

I was beginning to worry that my granddaughter was losing her faith, and just then we saw the image of a man with long hair and a beard on the brick of hash. “It was definitely the image of the Lord,” she said.

Jackson Hein, Mary Jo’s husband, was skeptical until he saw the image himself. And, their son Bill Hein, an atheist found the image to be unmistakable. “I am absolutely convinced the Lord made himself available to my mother on that brick of marijuana, so that she could medicate without worry,” he said.

Days later, after taking photos and video of the image, Hein and her granddaughter broke off a large chunk from the Jesus-laced block of hash, placed it in their bong, and smoked the face of the God. The message had been delivered, she said and she didn’t want the image of the Lord “just sitting there in a drawer because medical marijuana and things like hash are not culturally accepted.”

“Clearly the Lord wants us to use all of his plants to treat our many illnesses. In fact, God makes a direct reference to using marijuana in the bible,” said Jackson Hein.

Mr. Jackson Hein, 50 also from Emeryville, said he is not a churchgoing man, rather he’s “spiritual” but seeing Jesus on that brick of hash was all the proof he needs and now staunchly believes that “God wants humans to partake in the good herb.”

Jesus is everywhere, even in a little Hash,” he said.

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