How to Make Tax-Free Money in the Pot Industry

There’s a ton of green to be made, and clipped, in British Columbia’s pot industry. And, the best thing about it is that it’s all completely tax-free! And tax free money, shit anything free really,  falls in the same category as Black Sabbath and joints as Stuff Stoners Like!

Yep, in this weak-ass economy there are plenty of people willing to accept the prestigious gig as pot clipper or trimmer. That’s right…get paid to prep weed boys and girls and smoke as much as you want while you do it. The seasonal demand for clippers starts in just a few short months…when all that precious weed is ready for havesting.

Get paid hourly or just rake in a fat lump sum by weight and don’t worry about passing a drug test. Actually maybe you should worry, because if you DON’T fail…you’re pro’lly a narc! And, keep in mind the rising power of the Looney vs the Dollar and a trip to Hockey-land might be just what the pot-doc ordered. Oh and get this…meals are often provided, you might be able to finagle a place to stay  and clippers are usually allowed to keep some of the product for personal use!!!

Staff Sgt. Dave Goddard of the RCMP’s Vancouver drug unit said operations with between 500 and 1,000 plants generally hire extra help to clip and monitor the plants. Larger-scale operators often have up to seven different grow operations and employ larger staffs, he said.

“There’s an awful lot of unemployed people out there, and this is a way that they have of making money on a cash basis that is largely undisclosed to the government,” he said. “Obviously they aren’t being taxed on it because they’re not receiving a T4 (Canada’s W2) at the end of the year, I can guarantee you that.”

In 30 years with the Mounties, (you know those red-suited, goofy hat-wearin’ bastards that look like Nutcrackers and shit) Goddard said he’s busted as many as 500 grow operations. He said clippers get charged along with everyone else involved, usually with possession of marijuana, production of marijuana or possession for the purpose of trafficking.

He strongly advises people to stay away from such employment, regardless of the scale of the operation.

“(Clippers) don’t consider themselves to be criminals, quite often” he said.

“It’s against the law, I shouldn’t have to advise anyone.”

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    how much is the pay ,where do i report to, and how soon can i start work?

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