Idaho Medical Marijuana May Become a Reality

Idaho Medical Marijuana May Become a Reality

Idaho Medical MarijuanaIdaho medical marijuana may become a reality if the state’s GOP legislator Rep. Tom Trail (R-Moscow) continues through with his plan to introduce a bill to make medical marijuana legal in Idaho! Despite Idaho being a Republican-heavy state it is surrounded by pot friendly places like the states Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana.

Last year Idaho voters in a town called Hailey approved a medicinal marijuana referendum. After closed-minded town officials refused to uphold the ruling…VOTERS PASSED IT AGAIN in May!

It looks like the bill, which is based on existing medical marijuana laws in Oregon and Washington will have some [digg=]trouble gaining traction. In June, the GOP state convention committee voted 21-9 to oppose any relaxation of Idaho’s marijuana laws, including medical marijuana. Oh, and there’s still no medical weed in Hailey! Oppressive officials there found a way to not give the people what they want by filing a lawsuit to gain “guidance” on how to deal with unruly voters who don’t want authorities brutalizing medical marijuana users.
Idaho Medical Marijuana May Become a Reality

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    Great! they can tax it and won’t need a bailout.

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