Maine to Allow 8 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

marijuana leaves picturesLegislators in Maine have authored a bill to allow up to eight medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state. The Bill, The Maine Medical Marijuana Act: LD 1811 would allow up to  eight medical marijuana dispensaries and finally establish a process for patients, caregivers and the newly allowed dispensaries.

Patients have not had safe access to medical marijuana in the past ten years Maine has allowed its use as medicine. As a result of the Maine Medical Marijuana Act of 1998 patients who find “therapeutic and palliative benefits from using marijuana” are protected from civil or criminal penalties when their doctors advise that such use may provide a medical benefit. The Act allowed patients to discuss weed freely with their physician, but that’s all.

Yesterday, the House voted 126-17 in favor of the bill which received the unanimous approval of the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee. Patients will need to register with the state and obtain a state-issued registration card for access to weed after receiving a doctor’s recommendation. A medical advisory committee will also be formed under the bill and will be responsible for developing a list of medical conditions that can be treated with marijuana.

After receiving two-thirds support in the House, LD 1811 now moves to the Senate for further action.

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    How do I find a Doctor in my area that will prescribe a liscense

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