BREAKING NEWS—Marin Drug Agents Harass East Bay Cannabis Clubs

ohhhhhhburnoTuesday, drug agents from Marin County came to confiscate records of medical marijuana sales from growers to dispensaries in Berkeley and Oakland, but were DENIED! They came over with warrants served by the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force for their continuing investigation of semantics! Either six Petaluma residents are “drug traffickers” or “legitimate suppliers” of medical marijuana.

It all started, according to authorizes, on August 28, 2009, when Avery Badenhop, 46, got popped for speeding on 580 in San Rafael with 20 pounds of weed in his car. The Marin Task force got involved. They eventually found another 32 pounds of weed at his house, cash and some guns. They arrested his wife and gathered more info that led to the arrest of four other suspects: Radek Stastny, 38, Harry Parker, 45, Jeremy Jesse Kaltenbach, 39, and Marc Eliot Herrnberger, 52. All six were booked into the Marin County Jail on drug and conspiracy allegations, with bail set at $2.5 million each. They were quickly let go when Marin prosecutors decided to turn the case over to the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office, and Sonoma prosecutors declined to file charges until further review of the case.

About the attempted raid, William Panzer, an attorney for several dispensaries, said the task force brought warrants to three of his client dispensaries: Harborside Health Center in Oakland, the Berkeley Patients Group and the Divinity Tree in San Francisco. He confirmed the detectives were rooting around for sales records involving the Petaluma suspects, but obtained NOTHING.

Brad Senesac, a spokesman for the Berkeley club, said officials there told the deputies they do not keep those records. “They never entered the building,” Senesac said. “They shook our hands and left.”

But, they couldn’t go without stirring up a little shit, of course. After leaving the East Bay, the eight investigators said they planned to execute a search warrant for digital records at the Divinity Tree in San Francisco.

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  1. paige

    obviosly these guys are searching for a bust – didnt get thier quota this month?

  2. bpg patient

    to the task force please report back to your bosses immediately Mr. Badenhop is MEDICAL.

  3. bpg patient

    new policy handed out today by obama now im serious move on to the hard drugs task force we respect you please back off and drop charges this man is medical sirs and madams

  4. Anonymous

    Marin county detectives never get their quota–there’s really no quota, but these
    cops are very naive. The real drug pushes live in huge houses in Mill Valley and have
    local businesses(ever wonder why Room Service of Marin has lasted as long as it has?)

  5. homemade vape

    Thats awesome that they didn’t get any information. Talk about an unpleasant surprise for the growers

  6. Medical Marijuana Card

    The real drug pushes live in huge houses in Mill Valley and have
    local businesses

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