BREAKING NEWS–Minnesota Legislature Approves Medical Weed

marijuana2Yesterday, after nearly a decade of debate, the Minnesota House and Senate finally passed a bill to allow medical marijuana use! Don’t get too excited, however, the bill is now making it’s way to Gov. Tim Pawlenty who allegedly isn’t a fan and there sure are a lot of restrictions.

The House version of the original bill was quite different from the Senate’s version. A provision allowing patients to grow their own marijuana was removed, and a controversial amendment restricted the use of marijuana to terminally ill patients suffering a debilitating illness. The latter amendment removes medical marijuana eligibility for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who need the drug to combat nausea. Sounds like a lot of restrictions, doesn’t it? Well, at least it’s a start.

The bill would establish a licensing system for patients who have a doctor’s recommendation for weed. They would then be issued a photo ID card that allows them to purchase medical cannabis at state-licensed dispensaries.

Should the proposal continue to stall at the Capitol, which is expected, medical marijuana supports vow to consider a constitutional amendment which will take the issue right to voters. Of the 13 states with medical marijuana laws, nine have passed through popular vote. So there’s hope!

4 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS–Minnesota Legislature Approves Medical Weed”

  1. Medical Cannabis of the Rockies

    How can the government say its bad for so many years the say its ok only for certain people. WTF? This is getting way old.


    great it is a start but I would recommend they also look at Cancer patience n mentally ill


    I’m talking about Billions of lives look at the other states for recommendations it works no Miracle.

  4. Cc

    Minnesota is one of the last states that would ever legalize marijuana in any shape or form. Not sure why being it’s my midwest home state and many folks here are liberal, but MN law is strict on everything. And it was of course The Land Of 10,000 Treatment Centers. Even the legalized states are now coming down on marijuana hard, the current trend is against marijuana freedom and on the federal level it will nevr happen. I think we have to keep our hobby and love underground until the progressives take over.

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