Now that we have your attention, it’s true…Marie Myung-Ok Lee pushes marijuana on her 9-year-old son. She feeds the li’l guy weed-laced tea and cookies. Why, you ask? “Because he can’t figure out how to use a bong.”

Marie Myung-Ok Lee’s son, “J”, suffers from autism. Imagine the horrors of autism and watching your child suffer each day. Like Lee, you’d want to help any way possible, wouldn’t you? Sure, there’s all sorts of crazy ineffective pharmaceuticals with horrible side-effects available to help the li’l guy get through agonizing days and nights of chronic pain from an inflammatory bowel condition and a spinal cord operation. But, after trying Risperdal and a bunch of other pharmaceuticals to control J’s tantrums and pain to no avail, Lee, with her doctor’s support decided to go the all-natural route and treat her son’s condition with marijuana.

090512_xx_Marie Lee“My son J has autism,” says Lee of pot-friendly Rhode Island, a writer for “Since we started him on his “special tea,” J’s little face, which is sometimes a mask of pain, has softened. He smiles more. For the last year, his individual education plan at his special-needs school was full of blanks, recording “no progress” because he spent his whole day an irritated, frustrated mess. Now, April’s report shows real progress, including “two community outings with the absence of aggressions.”

Read Lee’s own encouraging  words and the touching story of her pursuit to give her son, “J” a better quality of life with marijuana here: Why I Give my 9-year-old-pot.

It’s compassionate and enlightening stories that depict responsible medical marijuana use in real-world situations effectively treating debilitating medical conditions that flat out proves marijuana is safe medicine! It’s these stories that will bring an end to Reefer Madness!


  1. James Parsons

    Bless her soul for having the courage to do what is non toxic and non lethal for her son. Regardless of what anybody says, this woman is making decisions based on fact, not fear, and I hope that her son grows to appreciate what his mother has done for his condition and treatment options. Kudos to you Marie…I can’t wait til your son is old enough to understand this wonderful thing you have done for him!

  2. RelaxSRH

    She is a very brave mother, most parents are fortunate enough not to have to say things like this “J’s little face, which is sometimes a mask of pain, has softened. He smiles more.” No 9 year old should have to bare a “mask of pain” as their face.

  3. AboveTheFlaT

    A great story indeed. I find it so satisfying that we can say “hey FDA, keep your crap pills, God gave us something better.”

    I hope it continues to work well for Marie Myung-Ok Lee and her son.

  4. Randy E

    RIGHT ON MOM! Tough decision to make with the decades of outlandish so called Reefer Madness. I use nothing else but cannabis for all ailments.

  5. Thomas

    I used to use weed for everything also but now my probation officers’ supervisor has been on my ass about it. They need to legalize it SOON. I have a gorilla on my back

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