BREAKING NEWS—New Jersey Police Paid to Pull Weeds


Who knew that gardening was a duty of the New Jersey Police Department? Times sure have changed since 1794 when the first President of the United States of America, who by the way smoked weed to alleviate the pain from his ailing teeth, said “Make the most of the hemp seed, so it everywhere!”

Well,  someone took that advice because marijuana was found tuesday, harmlessly growing in a basket hanging from a lamp post, ironically on High Street in the business district of Millville New Jersey. They were discovered by some asshole who instead of claiming the weed for themselves, played hall monitor and informed the police who hastily responded to the scene with a ladder and promptly slaughtered the two innocent little 3-foot-tall plants nestled among pink flowers.

Police said the weed likely began growing after someone from an over head apartment tossed marijuana seeds into the flower basket hanging from a street lamp about 12 feet off the ground.

The city’s parks and recreation department, which tends to the baskets, says it has no idea how the pot plants got there and no arrests have been made yet.

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS—New Jersey Police Paid to Pull Weeds”

  1. Allen

    Good message but it is “sow” not “so”

    Sow: 1. To scatter (seed) over the ground for growing.

  2. Mary (Legal Bud Review)

    Ugh, like they don’t have anything better do do. Makes me frothing mad.

  3. u kno

    fuck the police fuck these laws too jbl0000000ck

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