Oregon to Legalize Marijuana

Oregon is looking to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA) will begin their attempt to gather 125,000 signatures by July 2 in order to qualify for the ballot in November.

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act looks to “legalize the sale, possession and personal private cultivation of marijuana.” It would also set aside two percent of profits for projects that promote industrial hemp biodiesel, fiber, protein and oil.

Following California Oregon passed a medical marijuana law back in 1998. Currently there are 24,000 medical marijuana patients registered with cards in the state. And, like the similar Tax and Regulate campaign in California, the folks at the OCTA are serious and have hired professionals to handle the campaign. They’ve hired Democracy Resources; a Portland-based signature-gathering firm with a proven track record of success, to make sure the petition makes it to the upcoming November ballot.

5 Responses to “Oregon to Legalize Marijuana”

  1. Anonymous


  2. Johnll

    It would be nice if Indiana would follow their lead…( otherwise: Brilliant)

  3. noone

    Well it’s about time. Our national deficit would be eradicated if pot were legalized. Hopfully our government will follow suit with Oregon. It would be stupid not to legalize it.

  4. Cyberkick

    I’m hoping Oregon will eventually legalize marijuana, maybe in 2011?

  5. Shawn

    I agree. I hope It happens in 2011. But It should be set at age 18. Just like tobacco.

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