BREAKING NEWS–Palo Alto CA Pisses Away Tax Dollars and $60 Million Worth of Medicine

Just how much money would the State of California rake in, oh from the sale of say $60 million worth of medical cannabis? Who knows since Santa Clara County pissed it all away and wasted tax dollars to fund the eradication and ruthless slaughter of 20,000 innocent marijuana plants today.

Worried that the plants might actually fight for their lives, the county wasn’t taking any chances and called in the SWAT team! Those marijuana plants never had a chance as agents from the sheriff’s office marijuana eradication team, the Palo Alto police SWAT team, and the California Department of Fish and Game all worked in concert to remove the two gardens. Officers didn’t arrest anyone, but found several unoccupied camps inside the two gardens they destroyed. Luckily, the Dept. of Fish and Game was paid to be on the scene because there was even evidence of unauthorized hunting too, according to Sgt. Rick Sung of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

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