BREAKING NEWS–Police Seize Senior Citizen’s Medication

Over in weed-hatin’ NY a poor elderly woman faces misdemeanor charges of growing weed to treat her painful arthritis and glaucoma. Buzz-killin’ Captain Charles Danzi of the Evans police says Barbara Ober was charged after the police spotted a 7-foot-tall pot plant on the woman’s front porch. The police also found six other cannabis plants growing around the house which they happily seized, on Wednesday, effectively stealing the 62-year-old woman’s medication.

It’s illegal for a reason,” said ignorant Capt. Danzi. “People, when they smoke it, they do stupid things and they get hooked on it and they start stealing. No, any legalized drugs I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

marijuana-leafSpeaking of stupid things, apparently, people do stupid things like steal medicine from li’l ol’ ladies without being “hooked on” marijuana. And, whether or not Capt. Danzi thinks cannabis as medicine, which is completely legal in 13 states and counting and is proven not physically addictive, is a good idea…simply doesn’t matter. Who really gives a shit what he thinks, right?

Currently there is a bill under consideration in Albany that would allow medical marijuana. So there’s some hope for patients in New York.

Ober’s husband, John Ober, told a local Buffalo TV station that she doesn’t smoke a lot, but it does help ease her pain. “It’s time New York legalized medical marijuana and reaped the benefits of taxing it,” he said. And, we couldn’t agree more.

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