BREAKING NEWS-Swiss Police Detect Pot Farm With Google Earth

marijuana_switzerland_090129_mnWhile we’ve been making some some serious headway on cataloging the stuff stoners like…we came across one thing stoners definitely DON’T like…they don’t like it when 1.2 tons (gasp) of chronic is confiscated by the fuzz!

So check it out, the snooping Swiss police said, Thursday, that they came across a huge pot plantation while using Google Earth. Great, now cops are busting stoners from space!

The find was part of a bigger bust that led to the arrest of 16 growers and yes, the seizure of 1.2 tons of precious pot as well as cash all worth around $900,000!

Damn, man…is that some crazy big brother shit or what?

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  1. Grlbhvingbadly

    In Gainesville, FL over $900,000 worth of weed was found after cops noticed a bunch of suspicious trailers. They were originally responding to a noise complaint or something. Now the streets are dry šŸ™

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