BREAKING NEWS–Voters Approve Landmark Cannabis Tax In Oakland

money.img_assist_custom-250x188We did it! Oakland residents voted Tuesday and overwhelmingly approved a first-of-its kind tax on medical marijuana! So far preliminary results show that Measure F passed with 80% of the vote, says the Alameda County Registrar of Voters.

Measure F is scheduled to take effect at Oakland’s four cannabis dispensaries on New Year’s Day. Currently, a special business tax rate for all those dispensaries is set at $1.20 for every $1,000. The new rate will boost that to $18. According to  Oakland’s auditor it will generate an estimated $294,000 for Oakland based on last year’s annual sales of $17.5 million worth of weed.
“It’s good business and good for the community,” said Richard Lee, who owns the famous Coffee Shop SR-71 dispensary and Oaksterdam University. What would be even better for business and the community alike would be if the rest of the dispensaries in California follow suit…say, like the 800 or so dispensaries currently operating in the Southern California area.

Supporters of the Legalization Movement feel this is a huge leap forward to legitimizing, regulating, and legalizing marijuana.

2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS–Voters Approve Landmark Cannabis Tax In Oakland”

  1. rodney

    cool making it leagal will stop it funding crimanial acts , this will be the corner stone in stoping most crimes , as pot smokers must deal with crimanials to get it and none of them want to know crimanials but are forced to just to get it witch is wrong for most of them it is the only crime they are guilty of, make it leagal and stop criminals sitting on there but and make them criminal get a job and that can only be a good thing as crime afects us all making it hard for our govenments getting ahead and the planet will benifit too
    we should focus on the real crimes like pedafiles and what oughter crimes are hinderd by the time taken up by cops looking for pot

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    medical marijuana is the answer to tens of thousands of patients just in LA, SPEAK UP LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

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