Full Melt Bubble Hash From Trichome Heavy Extracts

bubble hashBubble Hash From Trichome Heavy Extracts Review

Product: Full Melt Bubble Hash 73u
Strain: 727 OG
Score: 9/10
Processor: Trichome Heavy Extracts. These started processing resin in Denver Colorado in early 2012 and quickly gained recondition from a ton of extract awards—especially for their bubble hash. They have three locations in three states: BLUE RIVER 1001 16th Street, B-180 #143 in Denver, CO 80216, LONE MOUNTAIN 4580 S. Eastern Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119 and FOXBARRY FARMS 500 Pinoleville Rd Ukiah, CA 95482.
Retailer: Harborside Health Center Oakland 1840 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606 Marijuana Delivery: 888-994-2726
Sample Size: 1 gram
Price: $90 (bubble hash prices are HIGH, man)

Bubble Hash
A gram of this bubble hash from Trichome Heavy Extracts was $90

What is Full Melt Bubble Hash?

What stoner doesn’t love bubblehash? Full melt bubble hash is a resin product derived from ice and water. This particular extraction process delicately separates cannabis resin heads, know as trichomes, from the plant material. The process of making bubble hash involves only purified water, ice, agitation and bubble hash bags. Of course bubble hash bags are available online and make awesome bubble hash. If you’re interested in learning how to make make bubble hash check out that great tutorial. But making bubble hash, especially full melt bubble hash is very time consuming. Anyhow when resin heads are properly extracted using hash bubble bags and properly cured the resulting bubble hash is awesome. Great bubble hash is so pure that it immediately melts into a viscous oil creating “clear dome” like bubbles during combustion under flame or vaporization.

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Appearance and Feel: This bubble hash looked fantastic. Like a lot of full melt hash it had a texture that looked like a cross between brown sugar and wet sand from a tropical beach. Depending on the application a full melt hash can be the perfect texture, like sprinkling on top of weed in joints or bowls. To get it to on a dabber we heated it up slightly with a heat gun, changing the texture, and the taste, slightly enough to get it to stick. Apparently this full melt bubble hash was considered a 5 Star bubble hash by Trichome Heavy Extracts. It clocked in with a 90% Melt Rating. However, these guys make some full melt bubble hash that goes all the way up to F6 Star with a 99.9% Melt Rating. Talk about some really pure bubble hash, man. Sounds tasty.

cold water hash
There was too much of a smell to this cold water hash it was all about the flavor

Smell: This cold water hash had a very heavy, sort of, musty and danky aroma. It wasn’t too overwhelming in the bottle. However when burned there was that distinctive hashy, spicy smell. Unlike weed, this stuff isn’t about the smell. It’s all about the flavor, man.

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Flavor: The 727 OG bubble hash tastes awesome. It was probably some of the best hash we’ve ever tasted. Overall it has a very clean and delicate taste. It’s always smooth and slightly spicy. There’s also a nice balance of sweet and sour. What we loved about it was that certain aspects were enhanced depending on the application.

Bubble Hash Joint
Rolled a joint from the full melt bubble hash

How to smoke bubble hash?

What’s the best way to smoke bubble hash? Well we dabbed a lot of this full melt. When dropped on a heated titanium nail the taste was amazingly clean. It just sparkled. We tasted some nice sweet and spicy flavors. Of all the different types of hash out there bubble hash is one of our favorites. So your mileage may vary. Each time we finished the dab we wiped the dabber on a rolling paper. We rolled a joint with that rolling paper filled with some organic soil-grown AK-47 seeds we got from Gorilla Seed bank with some 727 OG Full Melt sprinkled inside. The taste? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The sweet and sour fruit flavors just sang. There’s really nothing better than a joint filled and coated with hash. Thick tasty potent smoke and massive flavor from end to end. We dropped it in an Atmos vape pen and it produced some descent vape hits. This particular vape pen doesn’t have a coil, just a ceramic bucket basically. The bubble hash pretty much vanished after a few hits. Eventually we scooped out the remains.

Bubble hash Dab Cam
We took some hits of this tasty bubble hash on the #DabCam

Overall: If you’re looking for a solvent-free hash you’ll love full melt bubble hash. It’s almost like caviar. Expensive, exotic connoisseur stuff, man. So be gentle handling it. And the best part? It’s potent AF and completely solvent free. Think of it as a way of adding a guilt-free kick to your joints or bowls or whatever—like adding wasabi on sushi. Kablam. If you’re looking for some quick potent blasts of super pure THC go right ahead and dab this bubble hash. If you’re having some trouble with the texture just heat it slightly with a hair dryer or heat gun. Not too much, you don’t want to destroy the delicate flavors. This is such pure tasty hash that you might want to savor it. You can even pack this stuff in a vaporizer pen.

Anyhow If you’ve tried any of Trichome Heavy Extracts stuff let us know what you think of it in the comments below?

9 Responses to “Full Melt Bubble Hash From Trichome Heavy Extracts”

  1. Jet

    Not a big fan of the bub hash I have tried, it just feels weird, idk what else to say.

  2. ashley ryan sherman

    Way too much a rip off. I’m sorry but quit gouging patients. Dispensaries aren’t recreational yet in California so I’m sorry to say, this is greed at the fullest.

    I’ve had the very best bubble just as good for a fraction of this price. Just shop around. Easily get full melt for 30 to 35. That 5 bux difference really is big in flavor

  3. Anonymous

    So fresh and delicious and pure… Bubble hash and rosin… A wonderful evolution

  4. joshua steensland

    making bubble of this quality take time and skill, not to mention the product you start with must be on point. $90/g is reasonable. 99.9% melt rating is outstanding. worth every penny to the educated consumer.

  5. Klyn

    Love it ! It’s the best and worth every penny if you get the right stuff !

  6. john

    If it don’t bubble, it ain’t worth the trouble.

  7. john

    If it don’t bubble, it ain’t worth the trouble.

  8. john

    don’t make me say it again!

  9. Ell

    interesting sight. Back in the late seventies we pay $25 for a quarter gram of blonde Lebanese hash. I quit smoking back in the 80s and was thinking about picking it back up for my health. I had no idea all the advancements

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