Bubbleberry Strain Review

Bubbleberry StrainBubbleberry Strain Review
Strain Name: Bubbleberry Score: 8/10
From: Berkeley Patient’s Group
Type: Sativa 80 / Indica 20
Genetics: This strain is a combination of Bubble Gum crossed with Blueberry. According to KindGreenBuds.com when grown, the Bubbleberry variety owes its uniform growth pattern, large size, thick sturdy stem and sticky resinous flowers to the mother Bubble Gum plant, that arrived in Holland via Indiana and Rhode Island. The strain’s father, Blueberry, passed along its intense purple hues and rich berry flavors.
Price: $170/ounce

Bubbleberry StrainAppearance: There were some fairly large buds in this zip. That’s the benefit: bigger bag = bigger nugs. Each bud was very well-trimmed and coated in a wash of crystals.
Smell: Bubbleberry has an overwhelming stench of skunk and Fruit Stripe gum. There’s also hints of diesel and fresh, ripe blueberries.Bubbleberry StrainFlavor: Imagine smoking your favorite diesel strain with some Fruity Pebbles cereal sprinkled on top. The hella tasty inhale is filled with fuel and assorted berry after tones—think raspberry and blackberry. The smoke is velvety thick, smooth and musky but never overpowers the sweet, ripe, berry flavors. There’s also a strong flavor of bubble gum. The only thing more satisfying than smoking Bubbleberry would be pouring some milk over it and eating it for breakfast.
Bubbleberry StrainBuzz: Being that Bubbleberry is predominantly a sativa, it has a very nice, sort of effervescent high. It is too soaring or spicy like sativas of yesteryear, but it is a bit energetic. And it’s great weed if you’re looking to laugh. Movies are expensive nowadays. Smoking this stuff could be considered good insurance against a shitty Seth Rogan comedy.
Bubbleberry StrainMedical Use: This weed is great for a little cheering up. Lost your job? Hit some bubbleberry. In-laws coming for an extended stay? Hit the bubbleberry. Wasted your money on a Seth Rogan flick? Hit some blueberry. It’ll cheer you up or at least take your mind off of your problems.
Overall: This Bubbleberry was a very good bargain. Marijuana grown in California nowadays is as tasty and as it is potent.

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  1. Wally

    Your potshots at Seth Rogen are gay.

  2. Herb Green

    The real bubbleberry of 1996 is gone! Too bad it was top shelf even when compared to b.c clone only strains ! My seeds got stolen or the legend would have lived on! Same problem with the loss of pre 98 bubba kush !the new bubble berry just not the same I loved the 45 to 55 day finish of the original too bad , good luck trying to replace that old gem!

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