10 YEARS and $8.7m of Research Shows “Promise” for Medical Marijuana

It only took ten years for a study on the medicinal applications of marijuana conducted by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) to reiterate what those who have ever smoked a joint or at least picked up a fucking newspaper from time to time already know; weed “shows promise in treating certain medical conditions.”

Oh, and the 10 year study, compiled by researchers from the San Diego and Los Angeles University of California  campuses, only set back the cash-strapped state of California $8.7 million dollars.

10 years, $8.7 million dollars and 14 reports later (including the first clinical trials of smoked marijuana in the United States in more than two decades), researchers said “evidence suggests that “continuing clinical research on cannabis might yield important contributions to health care.”

Neuropsychiatrist and direct0t of the center, Dr. Igor Grant, said the 10-year, $8.7 million dollar findings are “pretty convincing.” Then he urged the federal government to pay for additional clinical studies.

Here’s what 10 years and $8.7 worth of weed-research gets you:

  • 4 published reports in scientific journals showing cannabis can significantly reduce neuropathic pain
  • 1 published report explaining vaporizers are as effective as smoking
  • 6 studies of whether or not marijuana reduces neuropathic pain, the result of a damaged nervous system
  • 1 study that reports 52% of patients with HIV-related pain who smoked marijuana experienced significant relief
  • 1 study that highlighted weed’s promise addressing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms

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