Stoners Like Calling Everyone Dude

Man, you would totally think that the only people who call everyone “dude” are surfers, Californians or people who watched too many fuckin’ Keanu Reeves movies, right? Well, dude, if you think that…you’d be wrong. Calling people dude is a very stoner thing to do. It doesn’t matter if they’re referring to a guy or a girl as dude is nowadays not tied to any one particular gender. Stoners ain’t sexist, man. So you see, dude, is a catch-all.

Much like the word “fuck” (another stoner-speak staple) dude” can mean a myriad of things depending on the inflection and context. Most of the time a stoner will use “dude” as a pronoun not because they’ve forgotten your name, but because…shit, who the hell are we kidding? The word dude was coined by stoners precisely because they FORGOT YOUR NAME. We’re not here to lie, just stereotype, man.

Dude, can mean; “this issome fucking really great weed, man.” Or, it can mean, “pass that joint here, man.” It could mean “hurry the hell up, man, that bong ain’t a microphone so shut the fuck up and pass that shit already” or  that motherfucker bid waaaay to much on the Showcase Showdown, did you just see that shit? You see Stuff Stoners Like fans, there’s just an infinite amount of reasons a stoner would use such a word not just because they’re high as an astronaut and forgot your name. We’re just saying…

10 Responses to “Stoners Like Calling Everyone Dude”

  1. Bern


  2. Baschive

    Dude is jus an addicting word that is stuck in ur head forever

  3. Anonymous

    The Dude

  4. Baschive


  5. therakishrogue

    the best is when you can get that excellent baked synergy with someone else and have an entire conversation using only “dude” and “man.”

  6. Baschive

    hehe yeah i know what you mean.

  7. Anonymous

    dude damn thats great… lol forgot wat i was gonna say dude. PEACE DUDE!

  8. Anonymous

    even my boyfriend calls me dude…

  9. EEK A 1R

    right dude

  10. Lizzard

    This is my favorite new website, bar none…. this bit is essentially who we are… Awesome… I want to help, screw that, I want to pass the word on how F’n cool this website is… Peace Dude

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